CSGO again has a record number of online gamers at the same time

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Remarkable, record The above has been changed not once or twice, the FPS game continues to shock the number of players this month. Follow Steam Chartsthe most recent data shows the previous 900,000 concurrent players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was replaced by a new record of 924,045. In addition, during the second week of February, number of players together online CS:GO at one point reached 901,681.

While the numbers above are all impressive, the most interesting are the “jumps”. The record as of the first week of February was 876,575, with an increase of more than 25,000 people from the previous peak from 2016. And now, in just a few weeks, the game has jumped to more than 45,000 people. play. Global Offensive, even though it’s been 8 years since its launch, is still attracting more and more new players. The average player count has remained above 400,000 since August 2019 and surpassed 500,000 in January 2020.


For those already familiar with CS:GO, the new figures only confirm the game’s appeal. In addition, esports tournaments are also a source of newcomers to the game.

All CS:GO players are experiencing an update that includes some old maps, along with the usual tweaks and changes.​

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