View empire timeline, how to see stats in AOE

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Viewing the empire timeline helps gamers know a lot of the opponent’s stats such as population, detection index, amount of gold, getting pumped or pumped items… Together with learn how to see stats in the Empire or Please AOE.

For those who have been playing the empire for a while, in addition to having mastered how to play the empire, viewing the empire timeline is an essential element to help players grasp a lot of factors during the competition. Viewing the empire timeline not only knows how many people the enemy has, the amount of gold resources that the opponent has dug, map detection index to know whether the opponent is rich or poor …

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How to play empire – View empire timeline

Viewing the timeline in the empire is extremely important, from the stats that show up, you will know what resources the opponent has in the early stages as well as what tactics the opponent is calculating in the competition. . From there, you will have different strategies to win the battle will guide you to see the most detailed and basic Timeline so that you can see the information about the stats in each match.

If you don’t have the game empire, download and install it Empire (or AOE)

View empire timeline, how to see stats in AOE

First, to be able to view the timeline, go to the Menu (or the shortcut F10) and select Timeline

After entering the Timeline, the first image you will receive is the TIMELINE section. In this section, there is only the Word Population index, along with the time of birth, the total population and the map divisions showing the total development timeline of the player.

In which, Word population represents the total number of people and troops of all players. From the population, the player can know exactly whether the enemy’s army and population is more or less than you.

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Next, we will go into more detail on how to view other indicators

In the SUMMARY window. There are 3 items that you need to pay attention to most: Military section, Economy section and Technology section

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1. Military part

To see details of the Military section. From the SUMMARY window – click on Military

In the Military section. Players will know the stats including

Kills: Displays the total number of enemy units and civilian units that you have destroyed
Lose: Total number of your units and civilians destroyed by the enemy
Razings: The number of houses and the number of foundations and walls that you can destroy the opponent’s
Largest Army: This is the indicator that your unit is larger than the opponent will be Yes
Total Score: The total score of Kills/Lose accumulates and how is the current number of pieces different –> take the average to calculate Score.

Each stat will correspond to a vertical line representing the stat points of each player, so players need to see the exact stats for each player or there will be no confusion.

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2. Economy section

To see details section Economy. From the SUMMARY window – click on Economy

Indicators included in the Economy section include:

Gold collected: The amount of gold you have dug
Villager High: Number of people you can produce
Exploration: Index of light map % that you have detected
Tribute given: Stats for receiving or giving items. If the indicator has a + sign is for items (also known as a pump) and a – sign is to receive items

By viewing the time aoe in the Economy section, it will help players know if the opponent can receive items (Pump items) to upgrade to level 4 or not and also know who is pumping the items to be able to come up with reasonable tactics.

Along with the number of gold and population growth of each player, you will also know who actively jumps in life during the competition so that you can tell your teammates to kill that house together.

In addition, with the light map % index, the player can also know whether the enemy’s house is rich or poor in resources in the first periods (Life 1 and Life 2).

Huong Dan see the timeline in the cover

3. Technology section

For details, see the Technology section. From the SUMMARY window – click on Technology

Important indicators included in the Technology section include:

Most Technologies: Total player’s upgrade stats (Including: upgrade stats, wood cutting upgrades, attack upgrades, armor, bow a ..)
Bzone Age First: Tell me who is the earliest 3rd person who will have the word Yes
Iron Age First: Tell me who is the earliest to be 4 who will have the word Yes

Viewing the Technology section timeline will help players know how much technology their opponents have upgraded to develop and upgrade their units.

See the timeline in the background to understand

Thus, understanding how to view the timeline in the empire will help players know their own stats as well as those of the opponent to come up with the most reasonable tactics to win.
In addition, if you want to use the imperial command, please refer to the article Empire command

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