The Arena of Valor Mobi community was stirred by the public display of too sweet love of the male gamers

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Recently, a couple of male gamers of Arena of Valor made the community of players of this game “wobble” when publicly announcing their love story in front of “people’s table”. Not only expressing happiness with their current love, but accompanied by sweet words for each other and pictures of both in real life.


It is known that Arena of Valor is an opportunity, a bridge to help our couple meet and fall in love. If the above sharing is true, then perhaps the two have had to go through a lot of ups and downs to be able to officially come together today. And that has really made them happy and satisfied, because not only is it a matter of gender, but the geographical distance of both is not a small number.

“Finally, you and I can be together. Although we are far away. Thank you also to Arena of Valor for helping us meet each other. We promise that no matter how stupid he plays and makes me drop in rank, we will still love each other until the end of the tooth. Never because of a few chains that chipped his head and forehead.”


The story immediately after being shared immediately received a lot of attention from members of this player community. Many questions, many doubts were raised about the veracity of the story. Because after the above post, it seems that its owner did not explain anything further. However, all still give the best wishes to our male gamer couple.


Whether the above story is true or not, there is no denying that Arena of Valor in particular or the online game world in general is a wonderful world that gives wings to beautiful same-sex relationships. , where they or any of us can live true to who we are, are free to receive and express our feelings to the person we love. Certainly not only the above male gamer couple, but a much larger number, but perhaps for many reasons, gay couples have not yet dared to make their love public. Also on this post, Emergenceingame.Com would like to send our best wishes to our LGBT young couples, always confidently love, confidently express your personality!​

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