Faker gets ridiculed by the Dota 2 community, 2000 kills is not a big deal

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Not long ago, in the last matches of the first leg LCK Spring 2020, Faker achieved a historical milestone in his career, being the only one to achieve 2000 kills since the start of the tournament League of Legends LCK. Anyway, this is also a historical milestone in Faker’s playing career, an indisputable mark on Faker’s name in history. League of Legends world.

However Dota 2 community think differently. Maybe 2000 lives is big and difficult at League but with people Dota 2 fan it is too small. As soon as I heard the news Faker hit 2000 killsanalyst Dota 2, Noxvilleposted the record that the gamer of this game along with the powerful coffee line: “He has to work harder to keep up with Resolution.”


With player played more than 500 games, the largest number of kills per game belonged to Miracle with 9.1 lives per game.


There are many reasons for the kills of the Dota 2 player so much more. The first is about the nature of the game, Dota 2 fights a lot, especially in the laning phase when both sides can collide with each other at any time. Furthermore the quantity Tournaments of Dota 2 is a lot compared to League of Legends. Story in 1 year, 1 player playing more than 10 tournaments is too normal. Thereby the number of networks also increased sharply.

With the No. 1 Dota 2 players like Sumail or Miracle, it’s normal for a year to play about 10 big and small tournaments, not to mention the format of the winning branch.


Meanwhile in the League, a professional player only participates in an average of 2 domestic tournaments a year. If you’re a top team like Faker, you’ll go to both MSI and Worlds too. In addition, the international format of League of Legends is a knockout in the playoff round, there is no winning branch like in Dota 2, so the number of matches will be much less. Along with that, the number of lives earned is also relatively rare. That’s not to mention League of Legends is always aiming for control and very little fighting, especially in Korea. In an environment that emphasizes moving skills and avoiding fights like that, but Faker still has 2000 lives, that’s an extremely large number.


Perhaps all comparisons are lame. The story of the Dota 2 gamer It’s not unusual to have multiple lives in a competitive environment that emphasizes continuous combat.​

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