Valorant: Guide to play Jett – Ninja wind


In ValorantThere is an Agent with the ability to transform like a true Ninja and finish off the enemy with the summoned blades, which is Jett. Let’s learn about how to play Jett and tips on how to use her skills through the article below.


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Instructions for playing Jett – Wind Ninja in Valorant

Jett was born an assassin with an extremely agile body and skill. Combined with his dagger, enemies when confronted with Jett will receive a quick death “like a passing wind”.

Most of Jett’s skill set will be executed when you press the skill key, except for the ultimate R that you need to use the mouse.

Cloudburst – C

Jett threw a ball of air forward, exploded as soon as it touched the ground, creating an impenetrable smoke. Although Cloudburst’s lifespan is not long and the range is small, it has up to 3 uses in return.

Cloudburst - C

Some tips when using Cloudburst:

  • Throw the Cloudburst ring by pressing the skill key and pan the mouse.
  • The inside of the balloon is empty space, you can see if you step inside the orb.
  • While throwing Cloudburst, the accident will not be able to exchange weapons but will still be able to move normally.
  • Cloudburst will display a minimap icon, making it easier for your teammates to calculate.

Updraft – Q

This skill is as simple as helping Jett to instantly jump high into the air, having 2 uses. This skill is very suitable to surprise the enemy as well as evade firepower.

Updraft - Q

Some tips for using Updraft:

  • After using Updraft, you will have a delay of about 1 second before you can use the weapon. Consider this so as not to die unjustly.
  • You can use normal jump then use Updraft to jump to high altitude and observe in wide range.
  • Except for Shotgun when at close range, other guns when used in the air while using Updraft will have extremely low accuracy.
  • Combine Updraft and Tailwind to jump high and dash, creating a virtual variation in movement.

Tailwind – E

Immediately skimmed a segment in the direction Jett was moving. Jett will stop at the end of a skill’s distance or when there is an obstacle. This is an extremely useful skill to dodge an enemy’s attack as well as run away or chase.

Tailwind - E

Some tips for using Tailwind:

  • Tailwind should not be used to rush to attack because it will easily be ambushed. Only use this skill to dodge, run, or chase.
  • Tailwind is extremely maneuverable, this skill can nearly dash in any direction you are moving, including diagonal directions.
  • After using Tailwind, you will have a delay of about 1 second before you can use the weapon.
  • Combining Tailwind with other abilities will surprise the enemy.

Blade Storm – R

Jett’s last move – Blade Storm will summon a variety of daggers ready to attack enemies when you click. Left mouse to launch 1 knife, right mouse to launch them all. The ability’s delay was almost nonexistent, so it was the ability to finish off the enemy before they could understand what was going on.

Blade Storm - R

Some tips for using Blade Storm:

  • A dagger of this skill will instantly kill enemies if it hits the head.
  • Blade Storm’s accuracy is 100%, not only that, when using Jett’s other skills, Blade Storm can still be activated. That means, you can fly, glide while flying without the fear of jerkiness like a gun.
  • Blade Storm has no time limit, which means you can use it as any weapon. When you kill a life, the knives will be restored.
  • When summoning Blade Storm, you will need more than 1 second to wait for the knives to appear before you can use it.

I wish you all the victories with Jett in Valorant!

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