Tips to play Pixel Cup Soccer 16 for beginners

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Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is an attractive pixel graphics soccer game on smartphones that you should not miss this summer. The article will guide how to play Pixel Cup Soccer 16 for beginners.

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Since its launch, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 as a “new breeze” among a series of soccer games on the iOS game market. Not following the trend of graphics era, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 brings players back to previous decades with classic pixel graphics. This is a good entertainment option for those who want to “return to childhood”.

Overall, playing sports game Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is not too difficult if you are a football fanatic. This article will provides basic tutorial and some tips to help you easily play Pixel Cup Soccer 16 fast.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode in Pixel Cup Soccer 16

No matter what level you are, you can play Pixel Cup Soccer 16. And whether you are at a basic or advanced level, practice mode will help you get acquainted and better develop your skills. This mode gives the player the full power needed to manage the top players in the game.

The basic controls of Pixel Cup Soccer 16 Includes floating buttons to control the player and 2 buttons on the screen to pass and kick the ball. To defend, you just press a button to switch players and block the ball – Simple, right?

However, if you want to train more deeply to become the best then read the next section.

Skills guide

Skill guide in Pixel Cup Soccer 16

You will find a skill guide in the Practice Mode of Pixel Cup Soccer 16. The Skill Guide covers many useful skills from adjusting pass times and kicking to tips to taking free kicks. These are the key attributes needed when playing Pixel Cup Soccer 16 on a higher difficulty level. Note, you may not see corner kicking instructions here.

No matter how you choose your team, learning the Skill Guide is still an essential part of helping you master the pitch in Pixel Cup Soccer 16 faster. Try to block the ball as much as possible as there is no cheating in this game.

It can be said that Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is the best retro graphic football game on mobile. You easily see it after just a few minutes of gaming experience. Hope this article helps you to easily catch up with the gameplay of Pixel Cup Soccer 16 when you first play it.

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