Valorant: Guide to play Agent Brimstone

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant 700 - Emergenceingame

Brimstone is a versatile agent in Valorant, both capable of dealing damage and possessing very useful support skills for the team. The following article will guide you how to play Brimstone through his kit in Valorant.

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant 700 - Emergenceingame

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Valorant: Guide to play Agent Brimstone

Brimstone’s Biography

Brimstone was an Army officer of the United States of America. He is armed by the military with an arsenal of weapons from orbit, making Brimstone a mobile weapon machine with the ability to deal damage as well as add high accuracy and long range.

Brimstone Skill Set

Q – Burning

  • Brimstone uses an incendiary grenade launcher. When it lands, it will explode and create an area of ​​fire that deals damage to enemies standing inside.

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant q - Emergenceingame

This skill has not too much burning damage, but it has a long duration (about 8 seconds). Taking advantage of this, players can use it to circle the area or close the corner of the enemy.

E- Bridge of Smoke

  • Brimstone uses satellite imagery to create a tactical map, then assigns up to 3 points to drop smoke bombs on those 3 areas.

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant e - Emergenceingame

This is an extremely useful skill for Brimstone. Each smoke will last up to 14 seconds and is the longest smoke-making move in the game, not only that, but also creates up to 3 results. It is this that has created the extremely high tactical support of Brimstone. In addition, the smoke balls are dropped directly from orbit so there will be no image of the grenade thrown and completely surprising the enemy.

C – Stirring beacon

  • This skill simply creates an area that increases the rate of fire for anyone not in that area.

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant c - Emergenceingame

Brimstone’s C is not appreciated in matches because its usefulness is quite low, especially when the player has to move a lot, it is completely useless. However, you can still use it to help your teammates in combat by creating a fire speed zone right under their feet.

Ultimate X – Discharge bullets from orbit

  • Brimstone uses satellite minimaps to mark and launch a laser beam directly from orbit down to a target point, dealing massive damage over time to all players in the area.

Huong dan Brimstone Valorant X - Emergenceingame

This is Brimstone’s extreme damage and wide range ultimate. The side effect of this skill will blind anyone in the area of ​​effect (including allies) so even enemies that escape from the area will become an easy target. The weakness of this skill is that it affects allies too, so use it carefully.

Have fun playing the game and win many with Brimstone!

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