How to fix Gacha Club jerky, lag when playing

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Gacha Club is considered a post or a great upgrade of the famous fashion game Gacha Life. The reason is because Gacha Club Owning 5 times the number of characters, completely polished graphics, more advanced animations, and extremely rich customization options. Even, Gacha Club there is also a series of “Battle” game modes that first appeared in the Gacha world. However, because of the rich content, the game needs more resources on the phone.

If Gacha Club is jerky, laggy or slow, you can refer to extremely simple error correction below.

How to fix slow running Gacha Club

Make sure there is plenty of storage space on your device

Limited storage capacity often causes the phone to run slowly. While wanting to download Gacha ClubYou need 100MB. So, make sure your smartphone has more free storage than this, the more the better, at least 1GB. This will make your “mobile phone” run faster.

Close the application / service in the background

This is a solution that takes less effort and effectively fixes the problem. In fact, many social networking apps still require smartphone resources even when running in the background. If you really want to speed up Android faster, close idle apps. To check which apps are “eating” hidden resources on the system, turn on Developer Options > click Running Services. Uninstall any resource-consuming apps like live wallpaper app or disable unnecessary widgets.

Removes hair movement effects

Hair effects in Gacha Club cause screen lag

Part of Gacha Club’s new visuals package – Hair Wave Animation gives the character’s hair a boost, leaving them as soft and natural as your usual shampoo ad on TV. It is quite beautiful, bringing life to the character than Gacha Life game.

However, Lunime said the Hair Wave feature can cause stuttering and lag on older devices. Try reducing the graphic settings in Options > Quality and try switching to a character without hair motion effect.

The above is how to fix lag game Gacha Club. Hope the article helps you fix the problem you are having.

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