How to play Dragon Boy with Cheat Engine

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Boy Dragonsis the name of an extremely attractive online role-playing game inspired by the comic book 7 Dragon Ball. And if you have an account of this game, will have a way to help you play the game Dragon boy online better, using Cheat Engine game support tool.

The first generation 8x, 9x probably no one is unaware of the names of some comic books such as: 7 Dragon Balls, Hero Hesman, Teppi good Doraemon… and now, one of them – 7 Dragon Balls has been made into a game and renamed Dragon boy online. This is also a very popular game today. If you want, there’s a little tip that can help us play better games.

Step 1: You access the link above and click Download to download the game Dragon Boy for your computer.

Download the game to your device

Step 2: Select the left mouse button on the link below and then click next Download to perform.

Select Download

Step 3: Select a location to save the file and give it a name on your computer Save to save the installation file.

Save the setup file

Use Cheat Engine to play Dragon Boy game

Step 1: First, find the location to save the downloaded file and extract it with specialized extraction tools like 7-Zip or WinRAR

Extract the downloaded file

Step 2: Double click the left mouse button on the file DragonBoy138 (picture below) to start the game.

Launch the game

Step 3: Continue to open the Cheat Engine gaming support software (the computer must be install Cheat Engine then) up and left mouse button on Icon Select a process to open (right below File). You can easily recognize this icon, because it will have a square that blinks continuously.

The main interface of Cheat engine

Step 4: Process List appears, in which are the programs and software that your computer is running. Navigate to the Dragon Boy game and click left mouse Click there to select it, then click on Open under.

Select the game icon

Step 5: Tick ​​the item Enable Speedhack.


Finally, customize how much you want your character to be able to move within the item Speed below and Apply to do is done.


Depending on the different game, the support features will vary in quantity and level. As this game will only have speed, some other games may have more health, strength …

Instructions to play “Dragon Boy” with Cheat Engine:

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