Valorant: Breach Guide – How to use skills and tips


In Valorant, each agent plays a separate role in fights. And today, will work with you to learn about Breach – a very good fighting champion in Valorant.


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Breach Guide – How to use skills and tips

Breach is a champion capable of opening very good fighting with his skill set. When using Breach, go with your teammates, do not go solo, only then can you maximize his strength.

Aftershock – C

The Breach will fire an explosive compound that explodes on the other side of the wall after a short period of time. The explosion will damage all enemies hit, the closer you get, the more damage it gets.


Notes when using Aftershock:

  • Aftershock takes a very long time to explode, so this is a skill used to lure the enemy out of narrow positions will make more sense.
  • Aftershock’s range is very far, so you can stand from afar to use this skill.
  • This skill can also damage both you and your teammates, so use it with caution.
  • Aftershock can penetrate a very thick wall, but if between them is hollow, this skill will explode on the first wall only.

Flashpoint – Q

Breach also fires an effect compound on the other side of the wall, but instead of detonating damage, the Flashpoint will blind enemies who look at the blast for a period of time.


Notes when using Flashpoint:

  • Flashpoint has a very long range like Aftershock, so it can be used from a great distance.
  • Flashpoint’s burst time is very fast, so it will be difficult for enemies to turn their face away to dodge.
  • Enemies hit by Flashpoint will be blind for about 2 seconds, a long time.

Fault Line – E

Condenses energy for a period of time and then shoots straight forward, creating an earthquake that shakes the terrain and deflects enemies in the area of ​​effect.

Fault Line

Notes when using Fault Line:

  • You don’t need to hold down for Fault Line to reach its max to use it. The longer you hold, the longer the Fault Line will shoot, and the damage will be the same.
  • The Fault Line will not damage you, but will affect both enemies and allies.
  • After touching the terrain, the Fault Line took about 1.5 seconds to explode.
  • While loading the Fault Line, the Breach will experience an immediate slowdown.

Rolling Thunder- R

Quite similar to the Fault Line, however it does not take time to condense energy and the explosion range is also much larger.

Huong dan Breach 4 - Emergenceingame

Notes when using Rolling Thunder:

  • Rolling Thunder has 8 explosions and spreads to your location.
  • Rolling Thunder can explode across terrain.
  • This skill causes a lot of bad effects for enemies including: kicking, repelling, slow down, stun and very slow turn back time.
  • You should use Rolling Thunder to open teamfights very well.

Wish you all success with Breach in Valorant!

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