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Isoland is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game developed by Cotton Game. In this playground, you will play the role of a doctor who is exploring a mysterious island, filled with difficult puzzles. The following article will guide you how to play Isoland on iOS, Android, PC is simple and easy from the start.

How to play Isoland for beginners

How to play Isoland

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  • Everything in Isoland is one-touch based, meaning you can game with one finger. To move to a location, for example entering a road, simply touch it. If you can check for something closer such as a tile, Isoland will automatically magnify it when you touch it.
  • You can view the map by tapping the transit point icon next to the question mark icon. Your current location on the map is indicated by a flashing red icon. Although the map is relatively small, you will quickly learn how to go fast. This can be a useful tool if you get stuck due to something changed on the map. It will hint at where to go next.
Item collection in Isoland
  • Items you collect while exploring will be added to the warehouse. Isoland displays the item in use in the lower right corner of the screen. To change it, tap the left or right arrow to scroll through the item you currently own. To view all items at once or get suggestions on how to use an item, tap the question mark on the top screen and select “Collection“.
  • To use your existing item, tap its icon in the lower right corner, then select the item you want. For example, scroll the screen until you see the key in the storage, tap it – its name will appear with the hand holding the key – then tap the lock you want to use. You cannot combine items in the inventory. Therefore, you can only use each item in the appropriate environment. If you try an item on an object or area where it cannot be used, you will see nothing happen and the item is no longer selected.

Isoland has 2 rounds of play. After completing the two rounds, you will know the full end of the story. Please watch the video instructions on how to play Isoland round 1 & 2 down here:

How to play Isoland part 1:

How to play Isoland part 2:

Updated: July 31, 2020

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