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Vainglory – Super product MOBA Mobile on PC, allowing to download the trial version right now

For Mobile gamers, the name Vainglory is no longer strange.. In fact, this is one of the first names to define the concept MOBA on mobile platforms. Throughout its time of operation from iOS to Android versions, from traditional 3v3 to extremely large-scale 5v5, Vainglory has established itself a strong position on Mobile.


However Super Evil Megacorp wants to push ambition even further .. shown by “attacking” directly on the PC platform where legends like Dota 2 nice LoL still struggling. Specifically, Super Evil Megacorp has officially announced that it will bring Vainglory straight to the mouse and keyboard territory and expand the influence of the pet MOBA game beyond the Mobile realm.


Not only that, this development team also released a trial version for Vainglory on PC, ready for readers to download and experience for free right now. Of course, this is just a test version, so technical problems are inevitable, but gradually over time Vainglory PC will definitely become more perfect. Readers can download the trial version of Vainglory PC on both Windows and Mac here:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

In fact, bringing Vainglory to PC is also an opportunity for this MOBA game to further expand its community, which was only encapsulated on the Mobile platform before. This means that Mobile gamers can confront PCs directly, thereby completely eliminating the gap between the two gamers. If successful, this “crossplay” capability will make Vainglory the first MOBA to allow for a cross-platform multiplayer experience, taking the game’s reach as far as it has ever been.


All information related to Vainglory will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible:

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Download now Vainglory Arena at:

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