Tips for playing Family Island for newbies

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What would your life be like without modern technology on a desert island? Try to experience this by living, cultivating and thriving on the island in the Stone Age Family Island. You’ll adapt well if you apply the newly shared Family Island tips for beginners.

Farm management game on a deserted island Family Island Take you back to the rocky age, where you’ll help the Bruce, Eva and their kids turn a barren, unspoiled island into an ideal place to live. To help you realize this plan, will share useful tips to play Family Island ..

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Experience Family Island for beginners

Tips for playing Family Island for newbies

1. Complete missions and goals

Family Island offers you many different missions and challenges. If you take the time and effort to complete them, you will receive many valuable rewards, including diamonds that you can use to buy the necessary items for your life in the future.

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Most quests require you to locate various types of objects, explore a certain plant species, or search for treasure. The trick to quickly finding items hidden under dense fog or in dense forests is to use a magnifying glass.

2. Stock up on energy points

Without an energy point, both Bruce and Eva’s family wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So, you should earn and store energy points as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is to eat berries and fruits. Unfortunately, these foods are quite scarce, but you have another alternative is to cook.

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Thoroughly prepared dishes are much more nutritious than a few berries and the whole family will receive energy after meals. Recipes will be unlocked gradually during the game.

3. Upgrade facilities regularly

If you have enough energy, you can conquer any challenge in Family Island. Furthermore, having energy, you will be able to collect resources to upgrade production units. As a result, output will increase and the economy on the island begins to flourish.

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For example, you should upgrade your storage whenever you have a body because it’s an important place to keep your resources safe. When upgrading it, you will have more space to store your belongings.

4. Transactions with merchants at pier

Primitive societies were mainly based on commerce. This allows them to acquire things that they cannot produce. A family on a deserted island has only limited production capacity and additional goods are always welcome.

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The merchant’s ship will dock every 4 hours and you need to prepare everything he asks for. If the merchant’s list of requirements can be met before the time runs out, the Bruce family will receive a series of valuable gifts: diamonds, energy points, food … Make sure you fill up the cargo before the ship arrives.

5. Explore other islands

The main reason to go to other islands is to explore and exploit resources. For example, the new islands will provide you with lots of fruits and berries, and offer many quests for you to perform and receive rewards.

6. Decorate your village

The prosperity of families on the island depends on their hard work. That means, the more energy points they invest in performing everyday tasks, the better their living conditions will be. There are several ways to improve the Bruce family’s standard of living.

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One of them is buying a wide range of decorations and accessories, from flowers to lighthouses. The decorations that the game offers will increase the beauty of the island and give you some precious energy points.

Starting a new life with empty hands is not easy, especially on a deserted island during the rocky period, but with the tips on Family Island shared above, you will have a good start. and smooth.

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