Update Rules of Survival February 19, open a new S12 season

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After many days of delay, finally the S12 season officially started from the Update Rules of Survival version 19/2, players participating in the Ranked Battle will still receive new season rewards based on the level of play achieved at S11 season.

Specifically, on February 19, survival game Rules of Survival officially ends the S11 season and opens the S12 season, when players complete the mission, they will receive a lot of attractive and exclusive rewards in the season. S12 Rules of Survival.

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Opening the S12 season in the Rules of Survival update 2/19

Time to update ROS 19/2

– The maintenance period for the end of the S11 season starts from 05:00-08:00 day February 19, 2020
– Note: The maintenance time is expected to last for 3 hours and maybe more, gamers cannot log into the game when Rules of Survival is undergoing maintenance.

Detailed content of Update Rules of survival on February 19

1. New season S12
– New season: Update opening season S12 has been moved to February 19.

New Season: After the February 19 maintenance, the S11 season will end and the S12 season will begin. Once the new season is opened, this season’s Ranked League leaderboard and trophy data will be deleted. All players participating in the Ranked Tournament will receive new season rewards based on player tier:
+ Master: High Supply Ticket*60, Lethal Lilcac Set, Master Sign S11.
+ Tinh Anh: High Supply Ticket*50, Lethal Lilcac Set, Elite Sign S11.
+ Diamond: High Supply Ticket*33, Lethal Lilcac Set, Diamond Sign S11.
+ Platinum: High Supply Ticket*25, Lethal Lilcac Set.
+ Gold: High Supply Ticket*16, Lethal Lilcac Set.
+ Silver: High Supply Ticket*8.
+ Bronze: High Supply Ticket*5.

Along with Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile also officially updated to the all-new 0.17.0 version with many improvements, adding Shotgun DSB, UZI Pro, Winter Mode and tons of new content. PUBG Mobile is regularly updated, promising to bring players many exciting experiences, bold Battle Royale survival game on mobile.

– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC

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