Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Guide to play a very powerful 6-forest formation

Nekko rừng

The natural forest lineup has been heavily buffed in the new version with the effects of 6 Forests, duplicating all existing jungle. Let learn this new strategy in the following article.

Nekko forest

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Instructions to play a very powerful 6-forest formation in the CCP

An overview of the forest formation

In order to apply this formation, we need to use the Hyperoll strategy early in the game to find all the Jungle champions in the match about us as quickly as possible. You will need to find all 4 generals Maokai, Ivern, Leblanc and especially Neeko to all have at least 2 stars in the early game.

The junglers have actually been popular early in the game, but most of them are only strong in the early game, but in the latest update, Riot has given this clan great power when it comes. Being able to clone all 6 forest generals makes your number of pieces overwhelming the enemy.

Forest Race:

  • 3 generals: Duplicate any 1 hero of the system.
  • 6 generals: Duplicate all generals of the system.

The Forest Formation is relatively easy to use. If you’re lucky in the early game, you can have the full range of natural + jungle generals: Nekko, Maokai, Ivern, LeBlanc.

And to answer the question of where the 6 forests come from, we have Lux (Lux itself is counted as 2 prime times). This girl is also the key “dignity” for your whole game.

Basic forest formation
Basic forest formation

Forest formation – the royal family

Jungle roster with overwhelming champions plus natural regeneration will be able to hold on to the full amount of buffs from the Moon Tribe (stacks every 7 seconds). So this is considered to be a pretty optimal way to play. The lineup is arranged as follows:

Formation of the Nguyet Tribe forest
Formation of the Nguyet Tribe forest

Forest formation – Mage

LeBlanc itself is a Mage-type, so it is easy to add 2 other mage generals to form a lineup of 3 mages. Although it is quite “unlucky” with a skill rate of 2 times of 50%, not as strong as the 6 mages, but with the overwhelming number of champions on the field, there is no need to worry too much about the strength of the formation. this.

Forest formation -Pmage
Forest formation – Mage

Forest Formation – Guardians

Increased hardware and powerful control comes from 2 guardians Malphite and Amumu. Can also be replaced with Taric is fine.

Forest - Protection
Forest – Protection

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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