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Photovisi.com, the leading online photo collage website today, supports us to nest many photos together into a single photo with many beautiful and unique frames to choose from. With this service, you will not need to install photo collage applications like Photoshop to be able to stitch images.

Without using any software, you can still create unique, cute photos, … with online photo collage tools. In fact, there are many websites that support you to integrate and edit photos. And Photovisi.com is one of the best online photo collage tools, used by many users. The following article, Emergenceingames.com will guide you how to combine photos with Photovisi.com

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Unique photo collage with Photovisi.com

Step 1: Visit the homepage HERE
Step 2: To create a complete photo collage, click Start creating

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Step 3: The website will provide you with a lot of available templates, you just need to choose the frame you like, then click

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In addition, the frame themes will also be listed by list for easy search

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Step 4: After selecting the template frame, you will be redirected to the detailed editing page

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Step 5: You press More photos to add your own photos to the frame

The website supports you to add photos from your computer, from the website or from social networks

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Step 6: After adding the photo, you will have some more options to make the photo more vivid

More cubes: You can add a number of available icons to your photo, Photovisi supports you to move that cube directly to the right position.

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Add text: You can also add text to your photos with different fonts, colors and new ones

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Change wallpaper: Photovisi has provided you with available wallpapers that are beautiful and suitable for the theme. You click on the function Change wallpaper Then choose your favorite wallpaper.

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Step 7: For each object added to the image, there will be options such as crop, delete, highlight, blur …

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Step 8: After you have finished editing as you like, click Continue to create an image.

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The photo you just created will be published. You can save the photo you just created to your computer by clicking Download low resolution.

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Note: To download high resolution and unstamped photos of the website, you need to register for an account and switch to the Premium Plan to be able to use the full features of the website.

This is a photo that Taimienphi created with Photovisi

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Above we have guided you to combine photos with the online photo collage tool Photovisi.com, with this way you can create unique and cute photos by yourself anywhere. In addition, you can search and download the photo collage software available on Emergenceingames.com to your computer. like Fotor, with the way Collage photos into frames with Fotoryou also have a wide selection of beautiful and unique frames to integrate your images

If you want to put your face into people standing next to famous characters like Son Tung MTP, or Ngoc Trinh… then FaceArt will be the application you need, refer to how using FaceArt will help you stand next to any of your favorite stars.

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If you want to combine photos on mobile devices, please refer to how:
Collage on Android
Collage on iOS
Windows Phone Photo Collage


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