How to combine photos with Paint on the computer, combine 2 photos into 1

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Instead of having to install Photoshop software or other photo editing software, you can apply a simple way to combine photos with Paint win 7 8 8.1 to be able to edit and combine photos as best as you can. This method is both fast and does not take up much computer memory and still gives beautiful photos.

As you know Paint is one of the extremely useful software integrated by Microsoft on these long-standing versions of Windows. It is not only light, but the accompanying features are also enough for you to perform the most basic editing operations. For example, in this article, we will guide you How to combine photos with Paint on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 computers is very simple.

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How to collage images with Paint, How to combine photos on a computer

Instructions for combining photos with Paint on a computer are simple

Step 1: First, right-click on the image you want to combine and select Edit to edit with Paint as usual.

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Step 2: Friend hover over the little dot as shown belowi then drag horizontally or vertically of the frame out enough to fit other pictures in. For example, if you want to combine 3 480px images, stretch the frame to about 1500px and then shrink it later.

How to merge 2 brothers into 1 file

The result will be like this:

how to assemble pictures bang paint

Step 3: At this point, you do it again step 1 with another photo. After opening the new photo, click on 2 small squares icon below the word Home to resize.

Meet me on the computer screen online

At this point, you choose Pixels already Adjust the size, width and length of the photo to match the photo above so that when compositing it looks more balanced. Then you click “Ok” to save.

Match 2 brothers and 1 on the computer

Next press Ctrl-A then right click select copy.

Paint 3D Brother

Step 4: Friend open paint firstand then press the combination Ctrl + DRAW to paste the copied image into a large frame and rearrange the position for symmetry.

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Step 5: The 3rd picture you do the same from step 3 onwards. You will immediately have a 3-photo collage on paint as follows.

How to match you?

At this point, you press “Ctrl + WILL” to save the photo. Open it, the collage will be displayed.

How to match English with Paint
So introduced to you how to combine pictures with Paint on Win 7, 8, 8.1 simply. In fact, this method is quite manual and consumes a lot of your time and energy. How to combine pictures with Paint 3D or how to combine photos on top of each other with Paint does the same thing. If you want to save time and look more beautiful, please refer to online photo collage simple and easy that we introduced.

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