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UltraViewer is software that allows remote computer control quickly and conveniently like Teamviewer, but for some reason you want to remove it from your computer, this article will guide you how to remove it. UltraViewer completely from the computer.

UltraViewer is very good software in the field of remote computer control. It can be affirmed, UltraViewer is completely comparable to Teamviewer and even more outstanding. But if you have just installed Ultraviewer, you don’t like it anymore, or you want to change to Teamviewer software, here are instructions for removing it.

Go to the corner of ultraviewer to remove the screen from the computer

Uninstalling or installing UltraViewer is almost similar to other software. However, the removal of UltraViewer is still difficult to achieve completely. There are still some files in the system that are not automatically removed. Therefore, this article will guide you how to completely remove UltraViewer from your computer.

Instructions to completely remove UltraViewer from the computer

Step 1: First you need to have a professional uninstaller software, in this article Emergenceingames.com choose iObit Uninstaller to remove.

You can download iObit Uninstaller here: Download iObit Uninstaller.

Step 2: The software installs completely normally, then you open the iObit Uninstaller software.

go ultraviewer is out of bed

Step 3: Search for the software name if the computer has too many software, type “ultra” then click on the software name and then press next Uninstall.

go to ultraviewer to get out of bed

Step 4: Wait for a while for the software to completely remove, then the software will display the remaining files in the computer as well as deep in the system, press Delete to delete.

How to go to ultraviewer without a computer?

Step 5: Press again on OK to confirm the deletion.

how to go to ultraviewer

Step 6: Press OK to get the job done, everything is done.

go to ultraviewer to get rid of the computer

So you have finished removing UltraViewer from your computer, if you want to use another software to replace it, you can install Teamviewer instead. In addition to using Orbit Uninstaller to remove programs and applications installed on your computer, you can use many other software such as Your Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller Pro and many other software. Among these software, Your Uninstaller is still the choice that many people use. However, in this article we choose Orbit Uninstaller because this software is currently being used by the publisher for free, not a trial version like Revo Uninstaller Pro or Your Uninstaller.

Download Link: Your Uninstaller

However, before each decision to remove a certain software, you need to consider quite carefully before deciding to avoid unnecessary installation and deletion.

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