How to download and play Plant Empires Arena Game

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Plant Empires is a great combination of many genres of defense, role-playing and strategy games. Plant Empires Arena Game uses a familiar motif and simple game operation but still has an irresistible appeal to any player. Download and play Plant Empires Arena Game to experience for yourself why the game has such great appeal.

Compared to traditional games like Plant and Zombie, Plant Empires Arena Game incorporates a Play-to-Earn model (play for money). After downloading and playing Plant Empires Arena Game, players are not only challenged to defeat Monsters, but also offer potential opportunities with NFT, increasing income even while having fun. Plants in Plant Empires all have their own skills, powers, and abilities, contributing to engaging battles.

plant empires arena game

Tips for playing Plant Empires Arena Game on Android and iOS phones

I. Instructions to download and install the game Plant Empires Arena Game

Step 1: Access the link below to download Plant Empires Arena Game.
– Download Plant Empires Arena Game for Android here.
– Download Plant Empires Arena Game for iPhone here.

Step 2: Choose [Link File 1] => Press Setting and wait for the download to complete.

plant empires arena game 2

II. Plant Empires Arena Game Game Instructions

Step 1: After open gameyou will come to the screen log in sign up.
Line 1: Friend Fill in your email that you want to use register/login.
Line 2: Press Send OTP and enter OTP code sent to the email you entered above.
Line 3: Import referral code to get more rewards. This entry may or may not be entered.

plant empires arena game 3

Step 2: After finished entering informationfriend tick the empty box to agree to the terms. Then press Login with ROFI ID by Email.

plant empires arena game 4

Step 3: The first time you play, you will be shown a short story. If you don’t want to see it, press SKIP to forgive.

plant empires arena game 5

Step 4: Press GET FREE to get 1 Plant free.
Plant: The thing that plays the role of the Hero, the character that helps us defeat the Zombie in Plant Empires.

plant empires arena game 6

Step 5: Press LET’S FIGHT to start the game.

plant empires arena game 7

Step 6: You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to play the game. First you need choose Plant to join the squad.

plant empires arena game 8

Step 7: Press BATTLE START to enter battle.

plant empires arena game 9

Step 8: In the game, the Plant your will auto battle. Your job is use skills of the Plant and collect the leaves to use the auxiliary spells at a reasonable time,
– Note: The skills of Plant will consume an amount mana (energy) certain and takes a while to recover.

plant empires arena game 10

Step 9: After winyou will receive an amount Yellowwith experience for these Plant.

plant empires arena game 11

If you want to experience the Plant Empires Arena Game game on a larger interface, without worrying about running out of phone battery, you can refer to how to download and play Plant Empires Arena Game on PC through emulator software.

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III. Features in Plant Empire Arena Game

1. Battle
– Here, there will be 2 main features for you to choose from Adventure (PvE) and Arena (PvP).
– Some other extra features on the right of the screen such as:
+ Mission: The place contains the daily tasks for you. You can complete them to get rewards like spin tickets and Gold.
+ Spins: Wheel of Fortune, you use the spinning tickets to have a chance to receive rewards such as PEFI money, gems, mana regeneration, health, chests to receive gifts, revive characters.
+ Daily Mission: This section makes it easier for you to receive gifts, just watch ads to receive rewards from this section. One more promotional video can be viewed to x2 the previously received reward.
+ Email: This is the item that contains all messages sent from the game system.
+ Check-in: Attendance to receive gifts daily, the gifts that you can receive are money, gems, mana regeneration, health, chests to receive gifts, revive your character.

plant empires arena game 12

2. Plant
– This item will contain the Plant you own. Will have 4 classes Plant Main in-game include:
+ FARM: Farmer class, Plant will have higher agriculture stats.
+ DPS: Plants have higher ATK (Attack) stats.
+ TANK: Plants with outstanding health indicators.
+ SUPPORT: Plants that have the ability to heal other Plants in battle or have a control effect.

plant empires arena game 13

– When clicking on each Plant, you will see detailed stats as well as can use Gold to upgrade Plants or heal, attach additional items to your Plant.

plant empires arena game 14

3. Laboratory
– This is a laboratory where you can try out features such as creating gift boxes, creating chests, and items. Currently only features Fusion – combine plants together to create a new, stronger cultivar.

plant empires arena game 15

4. Storage
­This is the place to store the items that you collect and are divided into many categories for easy management. The two most commonly used items are:
+ EQUIPMENT: Contains items for you to use to upgrade your plants and heroes.
+ ITEMS: There are items that help you heal or revive your character quickly. The remaining tabs usually contain items such as chests, boxes to open and get items.

plant empires arena game 16

5. Shop
– When you come here, you can buy valuable items such as revival potion, Arena ticket, ..with diamonds, cash.

plant empires arena game 17
Is a Play-to-Earn project with simple but extremely attractive gameplay. You will be able to both earn extra income and be entertained and relieve stress. Also with top free NFT games you can choose for yourself more suitable games to start playing and earn income without having to spend any specific initial money to buy in-game items or characters.

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