Thanks to being a Mixi Team Fan, gamers are spared when being “whispered”

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Team Mixi currently still a streamer very famousthere is a quantity fan huge fan. With a funny, muddy, “dirty” but true way of talking, and statements that have become his trademark, he is loved by many people. Presently Facebook Fanpage of this Mixi Team has nearly 1.5 million followers and nearly 1.2 million likes.


Recently, on the fan group MixiGaminga friend with the nick name Nguyen Dang shared his story of being forgiven when he was “whispered” thanks to being a fan of Do Mixi.

Specifically, the story he shared: “The sharing corner, in the afternoon, I was driving a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Bac Lieu, on the Long An section, I was checked by the traffic police and I got an error that I didn’t have it. Car insurance with rearview mirror. He told me to pay 200k and move on, then I opened my wallet, brother Traffic police tell me i’m your fan Team Mixi Gaming ah. I replied yes, I am still a member of this tribal group, so luck smiled at me, I was released, brother.”


After sharing, the story received a lot of attention, after less than 1 day, it received 33 thousand likes and more than 2 thousand comments. Most of the comments expressed “admiration” to this guy because he was lucky to meet a traffic policeman who is also a fan of Team Mixi. Some people are jealous because they have never had the opportunity to meet such a “quality” policeman. The few remaining people expressed doubts about the authenticity of the story, not believing that in real life there is such a thing as in the movie. But whether it is true or not, this story also brings a lot of laughter to those who have read it.

Gotta admit this guy has a number of benefits. Many people also joke that they also have to “buy” such a card in their wallet to know if they can be lucky to “escape” like the other guy.

No one would have expected that even the traffic policeman is also a fan of this streamer guy. Then we can see that the “force” of fans of Team Mixi How mighty

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