UFC fighter gives self-driving cars to play Super Smash Bros. right on the road

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It is not difficult to understand when gamers always want to play their favorite game, because it is also a passion. However, not every place is the right place to satisfy this passion, especially in dangerous and crowded areas like on the road.


Kevin Lee is a player of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), this is the ultimate Fighting Championship, bringing together the world’s top fighters. Not only in reality, but Kevin is also passionate about fighting in the virtual world, as of course, the titles fighting games It’s your hard-to-miss choice. Recently on his Instagram, Kevin Lee shared a fighting game video, everything would not be worth mentioning if this boxer’s gaming place was not on the road with a running car.

While driving to Montreal, Kevin attached a Nintendo Switch to the windshield of his car and leisurely used both hands to control the console to play a fighting game supposedly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Meanwhile, his Tesla is still running on the road thanks to the car’s autopilot feature. Tesla’s autopilot can steer straight on highways, change lanes, and control cruise.​


Although it didn’t matter in the end, it was not a wise decision to completely leave the self-driving system to play the game. In the process of participating in traffic, there may be many unexpected situations that require quick and wise intervention of people to avoid causing unfortunate consequences, affecting their safety and safety. the others. As Tesla says on the company’s website, “the current Autopilot feature requires active supervision by the driver and does not allow the vehicle to be fully autonomous.”​


This is also not the first time people have seen gamers playing games while in traffic. In mid-August this year, a player pulled into an emergency lane on Highway 518 in the suburbs of Seattle (USA). The local police came to inquire out of concern that something was wrong with the car and needed help. However, it turned out that the reason for this emergency parking was just to… catch Pokemon. At that time, the owner of the car was sitting next to 8 smartphones at the same time Pokemon Go to start his “plow hoes” work.​

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