Types of Pet pets in Coin Master and how to use them most effectively

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At first glance it looks simple but system features game Coin Master Actually, it is quite massive, and one of them is the Pet feature of the player character. So what is Pet in Coin Master? How to get Pet? How to use Pet effectively? Please refer to EmergenceInGame through the article below!

Types of pets in Coin Master


Foxy fox

In the game Coin MasterThe fox will be the first pet to appear after you unlock the 4th village Coin Master. In other players’ raids, the fox will dig a 4th hole to earn more coins for you.

Tiger (Tiger)

Tiger tiger

Owning a tiger will aid the player a lot in earning gold when performing attacks on the opponent’s village.



The last pet in Coin Master is a rhino and is often used as a “shield” when your village is in danger. Of course to maximize your ability Rhino, players need more XP Potions Because when a rhino is born, rhino only has 10% defense ability.

How to own a pet

To own the pets in Coin Master, players need to proceed with hatching them. Specifically, when unlocking the 4th village, the first pet is Foxy will appear. Next, you need to complete the card set corresponding to the other 2 pets Beasts Card and Creatures Card to own notes in turn Tiger (Tiger) and rhino. After receiving a notification from the pets section in Coin Master, players will immediately receive a new pet.

How to care and upgrade for the pet

Pet upgrade

In Coin Master, players will feed their pets with food and the food will be earned by participating in the event, spinning or directly spending money to buy. After feeding them, you can use the pet within 4 hours (the time will run continuously even if the player chooses another child or exits the game).

To power up pets, gamers can use them XP Potions. Each type will have separate XP and experience points XP Potions will be received each time the pet completes a mission or you can get it from the spin.

How to use pets effectively

How to use pets

Each type of pet has its own advantages, to use them more effectively, you can refer to the following suggestion.

  • Foxes should be used in big raid battles because they earn the most coins
  • Tigers earn less coins and use them in sporadic battles
  • The rhino is often used as a shield in case the player’s village is losing its shield and the enemy is hitting. However, they only block a limited amount of damage.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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