Learn about the latest maps and maps in the game Valorant

At the present time, the FPS strategy game Valorant has just released all 4 maps, which are Bind, Haven, Split and Ascent (recently updated by Riot not long ago). So for Vietnamese gamers who just started playing Valorant, what information do you need to know when participating in quite new maps like this? Please refer to below of EmergenceInGame!

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1. Bind Map:

Detailed Bind map in Valorant
Detailed Bind map in Valorant

Currently in the new Valorant game there is an official “bomb setting” mode, but the main item here is Spike. Players located on the Attacker side will have the task of infiltrating the Defender’s territory and placing Spike, then finding a way to protect Spike to explode. Left side Defender will have to find ways to not place the other party Spike, or quickly remove before Spike explodes.

In the Bind map we can see there are 2 areas A and B to place the Spike. In this Bind map, there are only 2 paths on the two sides, there is no mid lane – Mid, each team has only 5 members so moving and checking the map is essential if you want to know the other side will attack. public or defensive in any area.

Here are some pictures of Bind map in Valorant:

2. Map of Haven:

The Haven map in Valorant
The Haven map in Valorant

Located in the ground, below an ancient monastery, forgotten over time is the place where the battle of the two teams Attacker and Defender took place. The main goal of this Haven map is to occupy the territory, there are 3 locations A, B and C for both sides to fight. The team that occupies and holds A, B or C for longer will have more points.

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Some pictures of the map Haven – Valorant:

3. Map Split:

Split map in Valorant
Split map in Valorant

The map is almost divided into 2 parts because in the middle there is a very fast teleport system with 2 modern vines. And each side has an observation tower that is extremely useful if either side occupies the opponent. Note, please check the map well before you go to the tower.

And here are some pictures of the Split map:

4. Ascent map:

The latest map - Ascent
The latest map – Ascent

The latest map updated by Riot to Valorant is called Acent, which is a square map that pushes all the left and right corners and the mid-mid lane is very wide. However, gunfight locations mainly happen in narrow locations, in 2 areas A and B the defensive team – Defender will have the advantage, but in the middle, the attacking team – Attacker has the advantage. than.

The special feature of the Ascent is that the two doors have a one-way opening and closing mechanism in the A and B bombs. Defense found out immediately.

Some pictures of Ascent map:

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