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Guide to LiveStream game on Facebook Messenger

Facebook new allows users to LiveStream games directly on Facebook Messenger. Just go to any game in the Instant Games and you’ll see a camera icon in the top right corner. Then share your entire gameplay with your friends.

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As you know the Instant Games feature was released over a year ago, initially there were only 20 games but now it is 70, helping users to play games comfortably without installation. The Live Stream Game feature has begun to be updated from now on, those who are not lucky enough to own this feature should try to wait a little longer:

How LiveStream game directly on Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Access the Facebook Messenger application, click on the card Game, choose any game. Instant Games offers a lot of games such as: EverWing, Tetris, Golden Boot, 8 Ball Poll … When you enter the game console, you will see this Camera icon In the top right corner of the screen, tap it to stream the video game.

Facebook MessengerVideo Game recording

Step 2: Soon after, there will be 2 options: Record Screen & Camera and Record Screen Only. Depending on the purpose of each person to use that choice accordingly. You can then choose who to send the Live Stream to and press Start Live Video to begin. Now, just press Play Game to Stream Game playing for friends to see.

Choose your modeGaming

Step 3: When you want to end the Stream Game just click on red icon next to the camera icon. After the Live Stream finishes, the entire game play will be posted to your personal page. You can also Save back to the device for review.

GamingStop recording videoSave the video

So now you can Live Stream your gameplay to your friends very easily and conveniently without having to install any more applications.

Wish you all success!

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