Turn cookies on and off in Firefox, enable cookies in Firefox

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Knowing how to turn Cookies on and off in Firefox helps users to control the content when accessing the web, and have a plan to remove it to avoid being taken advantage of and unauthorized access by other users.

Cookies on Firefox allow the storage of information when users visit any website, especially cookies are also the basis for users to store information and access websites faster. Therefore, users not only need to know how to properly clear Firefox history, but also need to know how to turn cookies on and off properly to browse the web faster.

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Turn cookies on and off in Firefox, enable cookies in Firefox

Because the procedure for deleting Firefox history is the same as deleting history on Google Chrome or Coc Coc, so users must activate the delete toggle and delete cookies to be able to delete it exactly as they want.

Turn off cookies on firefox

*Applies to Firefox new version

Step 1: Go to the menu icon in Firefox, then click Options.

cookies on firefox

Step 2: In the interface Options > You click on the tab Privacy >History

bat cookies on firefox

Step 3: In the item Historyyou click on the item Firefox will

enable cookies on firefox

Remember history: Remember storage history including browsing history, cache, and cookies. This is the option to enable cookies in Firefox.

Never remember history: Do not remember the history of storing the above information, which means turning off cookies on Firefox completely.

Use custom settings for hitstory: Customization for a particular website. Only that website has cookies enabled or disabled.

Step 4: After selecting the third option is Use custom settings for historyyou tick the box Accept cookies from sites to accept cookies for the selected site if you want to enable cookies in Firefox and vice versa.

understand cookies on firefox

Click Show Cookies to display all cookies stored on the computer.

bat cookies in firefox

Item Exceptions Next to it will be a section that allows you to add a list of websites with the option to turn cookies on and off as you like.

Press OK to complete

*Applies to old versions of Firefox

Step 1: Click the menu icon on Firefox > select Options

bat cookies firefox

Step 2: Select tab Privacy >History

bat cookies on firefox browser

The remaining operations are similar to step 3 and step 4 of Method 1

bat cookies on firefox web browser

There are three options including Remember history, Never remember history and Use custom settings for history so that the user can choose freely.

how to delete cookies on firefox browser

Turning off cookies on Firefox or any web browser today is a must-do before users decide to visit the web regularly on Firefox or the best web browsers today are Google Chrome or Coc. Coc, Opera,…

After each Firefox update or install Firefox In the new version, cookies will be deleted, if you do not want all website data to be deleted leading to the situation of having to re-enter many websites from the beginning, you need to be very careful every time you update Firefox or install Firefox version. new version.

In addition, readers when deleting Firefox history if not careful may be mistakenly deleted cookies or Firefox cache. By default, Firefox cookies are not too important for many users, so users can also refer to how to turn cookies on and off in Firefox in this article to delete Firefox cookies when necessary. Moreover, if you want to delete cookies in Firefox, you can delete cookies for a website in Firefox instead of all visited pages. delete cookies for a website in Firefox here

Good luck!

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