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Funny Friday is a game in the collection of Roblox titles that are loved by many players because of the fun in the game. In response to the love of gamers, the publisher regularly gives Funky Friday Codes of different values ​​to players.

Funky Friday is a dance genre game that can be said to be the most attractive of roblox. To own rare items as well as many bonus points, players should not skip entering Code Funky Friday. You should regularly update the Code Funky Friday because in addition to the Funky Friday Codes for newbies, there will be some Funky Friday Codes that expire after just a few hours.

1. Introducing the game Funky Friday

Funky Friday has a lot of songs, including all the songs from the game Friday Night Funkin. Players will have to use the keyboard and press the correct order of keys in the exact time the song plays and collect as many points as possible. There will be two players competing against each other, the player with the highest score will win the game.

2. Features of Funky Friday game

– Lively music with loads of different songs.
– Attractive competitive feature with solo mode or with many others.
– Many beautiful dances
– The game can be played on multiple platforms Android, iOS and PC

code funky friday

Summary of the latest Funky Friday Codes

3. What are the benefits of Entering Funky Friday Game Code?

Enter the Code Funky Friday and you will receive a different version of the Microphone, different animations, and thousands of bonus points.

4. Code Funky Friday

– 1YEARSCOOP:Get One Year Scoop Microphone
– 1YEARFUNKY:Get 1k points
– 2v2!!:Receive Sakuroma Microphone
– CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU:Receive Cheese Microphone
– 1BILCHEESE:Get Funky Cheese Animation
– 9keyishere:Get 500 points
– MILLIONLIKES:Receive Radio Emote
– 100kactive:Get 250 points
– XMAS2021:Get Candy Cane Animation
– Half billion:Get 500 points
– smashthatlikebutton:Get 300 points
– 250M:Get 250 points
– 1MILFAVS:Get Boombox animation
– 100M:Get 500 points
– 19DOLLAR:Get RickRoll animation

5. How to enter Code Funky Friday

Step 1: Sign in to the game Funky Friday Roblox
Step 2: Select icon Twitter at the main screen of the game

enter code funky friday

Step 3: Enter correctly Game Code Funky Friday provided by Taimienphi in the blank.
Step 4: Finally press REDEEM to receive gifts

code game funky friday

6. How to get new Funky Friday Codes
For more new Funky Friday Codes, you can follow them on the publisher’s homepage, game groups or forums. Or simply you follow this article regularly, Taimienphi will always update you with the latest Funky Friday Codes
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at HERE

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