TS-453D-4G, QNAP’s breakthrough in NAS storage

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The QNAP TS-453D-4G is a NAS suitable for home or small business.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

The TS-453D is a great storage device from QNAP.

If you’re looking to buy a new server device for your home or small business, chances are you already know well that NAS technology has evolved so much that it’s no longer just a simple hard drive.

The capabilities of this technology have been heavily promoted, especially when compared to 3rd party cloud services and file streaming subscriptions (such as Google Drive and Dropbox). This becomes even more true as NAS vendors are working with collaboration platforms in Office 365 and GSuite.

Buying a NAS drive in 2021 isn’t just about saving money and enjoying your media, it’s becoming a standalone operating system and complete data storage solution.

One of the newest products in this hot industry is the QNAP TS-453D NAS. In today’s post, we’ll also see if the QNAP TS-453D NAS should be an option for you to spend your money on.

The box of the QNAP TS-453D is unremarkable, made from QNAP branded brown cardboard. Above the box is a picture of the device and the specifications.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

Opening the box, we see how well the packaging of the device for shipping is done. The device is kept in a foam frame, with the accessories in a separate box to ensure they do not cause damage.

Inside, we’ll have the first setup instructions, as well as about the 2-year all-inclusive warranty that the TS-453D comes with.

The TS-453D’s included installation instructions are quite easy to understand because most of it is illustrated with pictures. There’s not much detail in the instruction sheet, but this is something that’s becoming increasingly common.

That’s because brands prefer to use online tutorials, which ensure that buyers can set up the product even if the firmware changes over time.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

All QNAP TS-453D-4G accessories include:

• External 90W power supply

• Regional power connector

• 2x RJ45 . LAN cable

• Quick Start Installation Guide

• Screws for 2.5″ media, as well as optional 3.5″ screws

Next-generation hardware has become more efficient, which means you can perform the same tasks as previous-generation devices, with less power used.

But if you want to use CPU/Memory/accessories to their fullest extent, you will need slightly more power than necessary. The QNAP TS-453D doesn’t always use the full 90W.

QNAP NAS shares that in their tests, the TS-453D NAS used 11.3W of power while in sleep mode and 25.98W of power while working.

When we take the QNAP TS-453D out of the box, we get our first look at this NAS drive server. The frame of the TS-453D is 16.8×17×22.6cm and has much in common with the frames of the TS-453Be, TS-453B and TS-453BT3.

The TS-453D’s frame is very well designed and may be one of the brand’s most minimalistic designs.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

The TS-453D chassis front is much simpler than previous generations of NAS, with only a few features.

The long-standing LCD panel on the front has been dropped, which is quite a pity as it can display temperature information, IPS, and system ID at the touch of a button.

Instead of the LCD panel are LEDs that are used to indicate whether the device is being turned on or off, the access of the drives, the system status, and the general operation of the system when the read/write action is in progress. take place.

These LEDs can be adjusted in the QTS operating system to make them brighter or dim/disable as needed.

At the top of the front right corner is the power button, at the bottom right are the USB quick copy button and the USB 3.0 port.

Although the TS-453D has multiple USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, the ideal use of this port is for quick synchronized backups of data to/from an external USB drive.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

The front guard of the QNAP TS-453D can slide and lock, designed to prevent accidental removal, protecting the drive.

Each bay has a load-bearing plastic tray that can store a 3.5-inch hard drive without the use of a screwdriver, as well as 2.5-inch media screw holes in the base of each tray included with the accessory pack.

The trays are made of quite sturdy plastic and each tray slides in quite neatly. Metal trays, although sturdier, will always produce more vibration/noise from installed drives.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

Installing the drives is quite simple and they can be installed/changed even when the device is powered on.

The four HDD bays are connected on a single PCB board located on the cooling fan, which operates at the rear of the device. Even when the front guard is attached, the unit is guaranteed to have 24/7 ventilation.

Underneath the TS-453D is a series of ventilation holes for HDD/SSD storage bays. They are supported by rubber feet that lift the NAS by several millimeters.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

Turning to the back of the TS-453D, we can clearly see more details than the front.

The rear fan has a size of 12cm and can be adjusted to increase / decrease RPM as needed to balance heat dissipation and noise.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

In the lower left corner are 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Comes with 2 2.5Gbe RJ45 LAN ports and one HDMI port.

When “dissecting” the TS-453D, we can find the main CPU, flash memory module and network control board integrated inside. You can upgrade the default memory of the QNAP TS-453D from 4GB to the manufacturer’s maximum of 8GB.

TS-453D-4G, QNAP

Besides the hardware, the software of the QNAP TS-453D is also worthy of attention.

The device comes with QTS operating system. For those unfamiliar with QNAP’s operating system, it comes with hundreds of free apps, which can be accessed from a web browser or desktop client. These apps give you everything you need from a network-connected storage device.

In conclusion, the QNAP TS-453D is a great product. With an affordable price tag coupled with future technology-ready functions and excellent first-party/third-party software support, the QNAP TS-453D becomes one of the best devices the company has made. manufacturing. The QNAP TS-453D is truly a huge step forward for this big brand in the NAS storage space.

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