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Send File to Friends Chat on Facebook is the fastest way to send documents, photos, work documents to friends instead of sending Email. See the instructions below for how to share files with friends on Facebook.

To send data files, work to friends before we used to use Gmail, or maybe through Skype. However, now that the social network Facebook is being used by billions of people, sending files via Facebook is the fastest way to exchange information after logging in to Facebook. You will no longer have to go to Skype and then communicate to send files to your friends.

The traditional way of sending files via Gmail is still chosen by many users. However, instead of having to log in to Gmail and send files via Gmail, you can choose a simpler way than sending files through the social network Facebook. However, it should also be noted that files that are too large cannot be sent via this social network.

Send File to you chat on Facebook:

You can first download the mobile versions of facebook here:

Download Facebook for Android: Facebook for Android
Download Facebook for iPhone :Facebook for iPhone
Download Facebook WinPhone: Facebook WinPhone

Step 1: Proceed to login facebook -> Select Messages. Then you choose the user to whom you want to send the file.

gui file for you to chat on facebook

Step 2: Select the Add file icon.

gui file for you to chat on facebook

Step 3: Find the folder containing the file to send on your computer. Select Open.

gui file for you to chat on facebook

Step 4: The document file will immediately be sent to that friend.

gui file for you to chat on facebook

With just these simple steps, you can send files to friends quickly without using other software and tools.

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