How to rent Legendary weapons in COD Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile shooter developed by Activision. Recently, the developers released a new feature where you can rent Legendary weapons in Call of Duty Mobile for 40CP, users can use them for 3 consecutive days.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in the game to buy one Legendary weapons (legendary weapons) in COD Mobile then you can rent them for 3 days. COD Mobile is now in its 7th season and the developer is constantly bringing new content so that gamers don’t get bored.

how to get legendary in cod mobile

How to get Legendary weapons in COD Mobile with only 40CP

How to rent legendary weapon, Legendary COD Mobile

Step 1: Enter the game COD Mobilechoose Store.

how to record vu when legendary in cod mobile 2

Step 2: Switch to tabs Bundleschoose 1 out of 4 types COD Mobile legendary weapon to rent for 3 days => press 40 CP under.

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Step 3: Click to confirm use 40 CP Weapon rental Legendary COD Mobile.

How to get legendary in Call of Duty Mobile

– A message like the image below will appear, now you enter Handbag open ark and equip weapons Legendary for your character.

Legendary Call of Duty Mobile
Rent Legendary Weapons in COD Mobile Definitely a cool feature that many gamers love, they allow you to try out legendary weapons before deciding to spend a large amount of CP to buy them. CP is a very special main currency that users can use to buy all sorts of things in the game.

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