Truth arena: What are the strongest pieces based on value?

The spending to buy generals in The arena of truth greatly affects the results of the matches. But do you know the strongest pieces in each level of gold or not? Please refer to the following article of Fun Game.

1 gold champion (Caitlyn)


In The arena of truth, Caitlyn is considered to have the greatest early damage in the game, plus the buffs over multiple versions make this unit even stronger than some 2-gold champions of the same level.

Besides that, Caitlyn It is the best pawn unit for later major champions when it comes to holding all kinds of AP equipment, increasing attack damage or defense.

Champion 2 gold (Lucian)


Due to being buffed a little too much Lucian is considered as the main “dominant” general at the price of 2 gold. That means if you own the trio early Lucian – Fiora – Leona then the victory in your hands is only a matter of time.

The weakness of this unit is that if it doesn’t get 3 stars, Lucian will not have enough damage at level 7 onwards. The solution is to put as many adverse effects as Red Hammer, Sword Breaking for Lucian to control the opponent.

3 gold hero (Ashe)


At the price of 3 gold, Ashe Will definitely be the perfect choice for any lineup she owns The Great Ice Frost, bow stun wide range. If there is more spear Shojin the enemy only knows “standing still and waiting to die”.

In addition, the teams that own this unit will get a great deal of support from her tribe and system.

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4 Gold Chess (Jhin)


The title of the strongest 4-gold champion can be none other than anyone else Jhin By this moment, team Archer is acting too strong. With great moves that are critical attacks Jhin deserves the nickname king in the team Gunner – Black Star. That means protection Jhin considered as holding the win in hand.

To maximize efficiency of Jhin in the team Dark Star – Gunner, let’s pair Angel Armor, Search infinity good Giant Extermination for Jhin by taking a lot for BF Best. These items will add a significant amount of damage to help this unit shoot through strong defensive formations at the end of the game.

5 gold hero (Ekko)


With the top compositions in the meta all of the pieces have chess pieces Secret Detective then Ekko considered as the perfect piece to add damage at the end of the game.

Besides that, Ekko Also a general “not fussy” equipment so gamers can pair any items that this unit still maximizes their inherent strength.

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