Truth Arena – The strongest squads at the beginning of the match

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At the beginning of each match in the Arena of Truth, players must pay attention and make reasonable calculations about building a squad, strong or easy-to-form squads can help them overcome the early game period, the premise squad building.

There are many different systems and races in the Arena of Truth, in order to combine them to form a strong squad at the time of Early Game, players need to understand the combinations. And below Taimienphi will help you build the strongest squad at the beginning of the LoL Tactics Arena.


Top strongest starting lineup in Teamfight Tactics

1. Gladiator/Wild Lineup
The first lineup that we want to talk about here is Wild and Brawler (fighters and wilds), consisting of Warwick, Rek’Sai/Blitzcrank and Nidalee. For the 3 heroes Warwick, Rek’Sai and Blitzcrank the player can all earn in the initial stage. With 300 bonus health will make these heroes invincible when standing in the front line. This squad the main character will be Warwick, you need to buy it immediately when Hero appears, can combine with Nidalee to buff more attack speed.

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2. Knight/Nobility
This is a classic lineup of 2 Knights, including main champions like Garen, Mordekaiser or Darius as the base. At first, players often use physical damage champions (comp mage has not yet been formed), so Knight units will be genuine tankers right at this Early Game stage. In addition, you should combine a squad of 3 Nobles, they not only give you blood and amor buffs but also a little more damage.

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3. Assassin
Another formation that is often used by players in the early stages of the game is the assassin, with this formation the player can easily clear and destroy the units considered important in the opponent’s squad. To build this squad you need to have Pyke, Kha’Zix and Zed (basic formation to get killer buffs). Gamers who have built in this direction will usually have a squad of 6 assassins in the mid game.

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4. Guns/Pirates
With this formation, the player will lean towards the defense and the purpose of earning gold from the Pirates. Tristana and Graves are the 2 heroes with the most spawn rate at the start, they have medium damage and are quite stable. The lineup we’re targeting includes Tristana, Graves, Gangplank, Pyke and Lucian. The Gun/Pirates Comp can bring good damage, a stable source of money to maintain for the Mid game or Late game stages.

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With the strongest squads in the Arena of Truth at the early stage of the game, it will help you gain an advantage, make it easier to form and start more smoothly to prepare for the upcoming stages of the late game, winning all opponents. is what we are aiming for. Not only team building, but How to match Teamfight Tactics Also very important, the right equipment can turn you around in the blink of an eye.

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