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Building a Teamfight Tactics Sorcerer squad is really fun and worth playing because there are often a lot of results in battles. In most cases, you will destroy the entire enemy army as soon as your unit reaches 100 mana or has no chance to cast the skill.

The current Sorcerer (Mage) Gain double mana from basic attacks on enemies, as well as summoner magic damage depending on their synergy. In this guide to building the best Sorcerer squad, Taimienphi helps you build a team of Tactics mages easily, killing opponents quickly if you set up correctly.

First of all, see the best way to use the sorcerer image

Sorcerer squad buff

As mentioned earlier, all Mages have a passive skill that allows them to get double mana from basic attacks. On top of that, Mages increase magic damage by % at two thresholds: 3 Sorcerers lead to a 35% increase in magic damage and 6 Sorcerers lead to a 100% increase in magic damage (double damage).

Build a squad of Sorcerers in the Arena of Truth

1. Early Game
Getting started with building a Sorcerer in Teamfight Tactics is easy as most Sorcerers are instantly available. At the start, try to get Kassadin, Warwick and Mordekaiser. Once they’re level two, you can start using Ahri and Lulu. Once you have this formation at level two, quickly increase it to level five and use the 3 Sorcerer component shown below. Warwick and Mordekaiser provide enough frontline while the other Mages deal magic damage and destroy enemy units.

First class show how to use the best sorcerer image 2

Once you have the formation we mentioned, start using Veigar and Morgana as this will lead to a 6 Sorcerer squad, which means you are only missing one more mage. Aurelion Sol is the preferred pick but you won’t be able to get it until mid game.

2. Mid Game
When you reach level 6-7, there’s a good chance you’ll get Aurelion Sol without owning him. This part is a bit confusing because if you switch to all Mage (6) at level 6 you will no longer have a tank until level 7. Of course this won’t be a problem if your Sorcerer has enough and is properly placed. position, but be prepared to lose some HP until you can put some units as frontline.

First class show how to use the best sorcerer image 3

The construction of a level 7 Sorcerer squad includes the following units: Kassadin, Ahri, Lulu, Veigar, Aurelion Sol, Morgana and finally Gnar. Gnar is a great pick in the mid game Sorcerer team because he gives you 2 Wilds and 3 Yordles, on top of that Gnar is a great hero thanks to his ultimate ability. At this point, winning the round is not an issue and you should focus on accumulating gold or upgrading the squad.

3. Late Game
At the late game, the Sorcerer lineup will be maximized and need to adjust a champion depending on the enemy you are facing next. The core of the squad is now: Kassadin, Ahri, Aurelion Sol, Veigar, Morgana, Gnar, Karthus (semi Lulu) and Mordekaiser. This squad gives you 6 Sorcerers, 2 Wilds and 2 Phantoms at level 8. At level 9 (or with Force of Nature) you can choose between Poppy for 3 Yordle 2 Knights or Shyvana for 2 Dragon ( depending on what you need).

first step in the process of grinding using the best sorcerer image 4
Hopefully our best Tactics Sorcerer squad-building strategy is useful, giving you a method to build a mage squad through each stage of the match, Tricks to win the Arena of Truth can overwhelm others as soon as the lineup is formed.

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