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Raid, also known as CrossFire, is a good and attractive FPS shooting game developed on computer operating systems, the game has classic gunfights, as well as other FPS games, Raid has 2 types. keyboard shortcut settings that can be selected or adjusted by the player.

As mentioned above, the game Raid has 2 common shortcut settings such as WASD and arrow keys, players can choose to control the style that suits them. In addition, you can also install the key yourself if you want and here is how to install the best Raid game key that we send to our readers.

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Raid – FPS shooting game on the computer

Instructions for installing the best Raid game shortcut

Currently, most FPS games have a WASD system of movement, with this method of moving the player can perform many actions on the keyboard, this is said to be a customizable setting capable of change weapons or move easier than the other setting (move up and down arrows).
With the WASD setting type, you can set up shortcuts to change guns, knives, booms or some other equipment by Setup number keys 1,2,3,4 or return to the previous item Q,W . Below are the keyboard shortcuts that we see professional gamers often use to shoot or compete.

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– A: Move left.
– D: Move to the right.
– W: Forward.
– S: Move backwards.
– B: Open the bag.
– R: Reload ammo.
– Shift: Go slow (hold shift and then move = go slowly without noise).
– Ctrl: Sit down.
– Space (Spacebar): Jump.
– Left mouse: Shoot or plant bombs [C4] (For thieves team only, go to the bomb site, press and hold for the bomb to happen).
– Right mouse: Can be set as aim or jump key depending on the preferences of each person.
– G: Throw the equipment out of the backpack (eg: in the hand holding a gun, press G to throw the gun).
– E: Defuse the bomb [C4] (For police only, get close to the bomb press and hold E to defuse).
– Tabs: Display information, scores and scores (Allows to see Ping, Who has died and how many people have been killed on both his side and the enemy side).
– Detele: Enable/Disable Radar.
– Enter: Open the chat window.
– Z, X, C: Open radio news.
– Esc: Options table.
– first: Main weapon.
– 2: Secondary weapon (pistol).
– 3: Knife.
– 4: Grenade.
– 5: Bomb [C4].
– F1: Open the Support window.
– F2: Chat with all.
– F3: Chat with the team.
– F4: Chat with Clans.
– F5 – F8: Available chats (Called Marco, set in Preferences).
– F11, F12: Agree, Disagree (Use when someone in the room is “Expelled”).
– Print Screen: Take a screenshot, then save it to the game installation folder.
– Insert: Display team name (Press 1st time will see team name, Press 2nd time will see team number, 3rd time to turn off).
– Home: Increase screen brightness.
– End: Reduce screen brightness.
– Page Up: Increase mouse speed.
– Page Down: Reduce mouse speed.
Above are the settings of the game Strike that are considered the best, used by the majority of the gaming community or professional gamers, with such settings you can quickly become an expert in the game. FPS game field. If the experience error cannot enter the game Raid then you can uninstall and reinstall, or you can refer to the method on our official website. Wish you happy gaming.

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