Choose the right Dota Underlords lineup to win

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Difficulties often encountered by all new players to the Auto Chess game genre, too many champions, too many races, too many combinations, how to choose the right way, how to choose the strongest , the following article would like to introduce some standard basic squads for newcomers to Dota Underlords.

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Choose the right Dota Underlords lineup to win

Tactical thinking at the beginning of the game

First of all, every time a game starts, you need to come up with your strategy based on 2 criteria:

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– Guarantee: Is this lineup the right fit? Do you have a chance to complete the squad? Can you play this lineup with every match?

– Strength: Is this squad strong enough? Will you be able to win the top 1 if you have a complete lineup?

Through the above 2 criteria and looking at the present time, surely Knights is the most reasonable squad to choose. So you have chosen the main strategy to build a Knights squad, the next problem is how will you combine Knights? From there you will infer the best combinations, for example inferring as follows:

1. Squad of Knights combined with Trolls or Dragons to deal as much damage as possible to the opponent.

2. Hunters squad has great damage speed but pretty paper, combined with a bunch of Warriors standing in the front row.

3. The Mages lineup is the strongest damage squad currently, but most of them are weak in health, combined with Warriors as the front row tank and the Humans set to increase the ability to control the opponent.

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A basic formation that has enough damage, resistance, and control

The above is a basic way of thinking for beginners, do not try to rigidly follow a certain formation. Think and observe the enemy to make the most reasonable fight. For Dota Underlords, you need to determine the squad you will use within the first 10 rounds, don’t let it be too late to start calculating what to do.

Some of the current standard lineups


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– Must-have champions: Batrider, Luna, Chaos Knight, Omniknight, Abaddon, Dragon Knight, Viper, Necro (2 options left)

– Set effects: 6 Knights, 2 Dragons, 2 Humans, 2 Heartless

– Features: This is the most popular formation today with a balance of both attack and defense, the effect of 6 Knights makes this squad extremely beefy and 2 Dragons bring a significant amount of damage. Chaos Knight and Luna will be the main generals in the early and mid game while Dragon Knight will carry you towards the end of the game.


choose dota underlords to choose 4

– Must-have Heroes: Batrider, Chaos Knight, Abaddon, Omniknight, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord, Shadow Shaman, Necro (2 options left)

– Set effects: 4 Knights, 4 Trolls, 2 Heartless, 2 Warlocks

– Characteristics: This squad in terms of strength is completely superior to the Knights + Dragons lineup at the end of the game thanks to its ability to put great damage with high attack speed, not to mention the ability to defend is not inferior. However, to own all 4 Troll generals is not easy, so if you consider the criterion of “Guarantee”, this squad is not guaranteed enough unless you are a very lucky person.


choose dota underlords to choose 5

– Must-have champions: Drow Ranger, Medusa, Sniper, Pudge, Kunkka, Doom (the remaining 4 champions are optional)

– Set effects: 3 Hunters, 3 Warriors, 2 Heartless, 1 Demon

– Features: This is a fairly easy squad to earn at the beginning of the game with a small amount of money, choose Pudge and any 2 warriors as tanks in the front row with the Drow Ranger standing safely behind. Change the other 2 warriors to Kunkka and Doom as soon as possible. And when you have all the 6 generals mentioned above, you will want to get a full set of 6 Hunters with a huge amount of damage towards the end of the game. 6 Warriors is also a good choice when you can eat meat with the opponent but it will be very lacking in damage.


choose dota underlords to choose 6

– Must-have champions: Tiny, Pudge, Kunkka, Razor, Crystal Maiden, Keeper of the Light, Lina, Puck, Lich (1 optional champion)

– Set effects: 6 Mages, 4 Humans, 3 Warriors, 2 Heartless, 2 Primordials

– Features: With the effect of 4 Humans, it increases the rate of muzzle locking of opponents, especially opponents with skill stun aoe like Tide Hunter or Kunkka. If you get the item that replaces Humans for Heartless, you’ll have the full Heartless effect set to help deplete large amounts of enemy armor. This squad can replace Lycan in Pudge’s place, taking the 10th champion Dragon Knight to have the effect of 6 Humans, 2 extremely strong Dragons. The weakness of this squad is that you are forced to level 9 to have a complete squad, quite late in the game, not to mention you need a full set of 6 Mages as soon as possible to maximize the strength of the team. In this picture, the Mages are a group with a fair amount of blood and are easily swept by the opponent in the first half of the game.


choose dota underlords to choose 7

– Must-have champions: Batrider, Chaos Knight, Abaddon, Luna, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Windranger (the remaining 3 champions are optional)

– Set effects: 4 Knights, 3 Hunters, 2 Heartless

– Characteristics: This is the weakest formation in the Knight lineup and should only be used in situations where you are too unlucky. But compared to many other formations, this is still an optimal squad strong enough, using the Hunters and Heartless effects to deal damage to compensate for the relatively weak Knights’ damage. You can completely evolve into 6 Hunters or 6 Knights or add Dragons effect with this squad. However, that requires you to definitely get to level 10, which is quite late while you are inherently quite black to use this formation.


choose dota underlords to choose 8

– Must-have Heroes: Tusk, Lycan, Sladar or Pudge, Kunkka, Doom, Troll, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Bat Rider

For the 10th champion, you should choose 1 of the following 3 champions: Enigma to get 2 Warlocks effect, Necro if playing Pudge instead of Sladar to get Heartless + Warlocks effect, Disruptor to get Shamans effect and the ability to control the squad Mages.

– Set effects: 6 Warriors, 4 Trolls, 2 Savages, 1 Demon

– Features: This is a strong and strong squad, but the problem with this squad is that you need to save up to level 9 as soon as possible, secondly, owning 4 Trolls is not easy, especially is that when there are other players playing the KNIGHTS + TROLLS formation, the chance of appearing this group’s champion is lower. You can choose to go up to 6 Warriors first to have a chance to survive until you reach level 9, now if it’s too dark to find Trolls, you can switch to playing 9 Warriors to ensure your ability to stand in the top. 3 or customize to other squads easily.


There are many squads because Dota Underlords is a game that does not limit creativity and tactical thinking, but there are some current squads that are quite weak, some are only strong at the beginning of the game, others have not met the time. Because it depends on the development team to change and balance through each update version. In fact, there is no way to choose the most reasonable and strongest squad in games like this because it depends on a lot of different factors. Players have no choice but to experience it for themselves, learn from failures and learn from other players to improve themselves day by day, wish you all happy gaming. In addition, you can refer to how use money in Dota Underlords most efficient and optimal.
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