Guide to Pet system in Cloud Song VNG

Pet or pet in Cloud Song is a very interesting and indispensable system when it gives the character a lot of strength. Let’s learn about Pet system protection in Cloud Song in the article below.

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Guide to Pet system in Cloud Song VNG

Introduction of the Pet . system

Like other MMORPG games, Pet, also known as a pet in Cloud Song, in addition to possessing a lovely appearance, also gives players a lot of power. Accordingly, Pet holds about 30% of the character’s strength and each Pet you own will increase a certain base stat. This means that even low-quality Pets will still have an effect on the character.

Pets are divided into levels UR, SSR, SR, R, N and each Pet will belong to one of the systems including Wind, Fire, Earth and special system – Spirit.

How to own a companion Pet

Pets in Cloud Song have different summoning methods: Summon wind chimes, Summon Witches or Change Pets. To enter the Pet summoning section, click on the item Summon from the main screen.

Summon wind chimes

This way will use wind chimes to call Pets or can use diamonds to summon. The ratio of pets is as follows:

  • Pet 2 star (N): 8%
  • 3-star Pet (R): 59%
  • Pet 4-star (SR): 27%
  • Pet 5 star (SSR): 6%

Summoning Witches

Players will use Oracle Stone to summon Pet. When using Summoning Maiden, you will receive Oracle Essence to exchange for Primary Pet. In addition, the player can also choose the desired Pet type. The ratio of pets is as follows:

  • Pet 4 stars: 65%
  • Pet 5 star: 10%
  • 5-star Pet Piece: 25%
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Change pet

Changing Pets will consume a certain amount of resources to own random Pets.

System Pet Star Battle Board

Star Battle is a system that arranges pets by position to maximize the character’s strength. There are up to 9 different Pet positions including 3 main Pets and 6 Secondary Pets. They do not participate in battles but will increase the character’s effects and stats.

  • Main Pet 1 and 2: Open in the early game.
  • Main Pet 3: Reach level 52 and complete the condition (spiritual mystery).
  • Secondary Pet 1: Increases HP.
  • Secondary Pet 2: Increases HP and Attack stats.
  • Secondary Pet 3: Increases Defense and Intelligence stats.
  • Secondary Pet 4: Increases HP and Tri Luc.
  • Secondary Pet 5: Increases Defense and Attack stats.
  • Extra Pet 6: Increases HP and Defense.

Above is the entire Pet system in Cloud Song. Please arrange and use Pet reasonably, your character will increase a lot in strength.

Have fun playing the game!

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