2 years 5 months 4 days and admirable long distance love story of Au Mobile couple

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Getting to know each other and falling in love through the game has always been labeled as “virtual love”, and people often have little faith in its good outcome. Love is the same, “far from face, far from heart”, and reality also shows that many couples because of the distance are too far apart, if not prevented by family, the feelings will also self-fracture and fade. blur. So what do you think with a love that has just been rooted in the virtual world, there is a distance that seems too “ambiguous”, far away. Is that love big enough for two people to find each other?

Perhaps the answer of many people will be “No”. But the extremely romantic love story of Au Mobile couple – the bride Quyen Kool (Bac Ninh) and the groom Le Xuan Truong (Ninh Binh) shared by our heroine herself below may make you have a different view of the great power of love.


Quyen and Truong are destined to know and love each other thanks to the game Au Mobile. After 2 years, 5 months and 4 days of learning, the couple officially returned to the same house, so they were married. The distance of 130km is not too far, but the young couple would probably forever be two parallel lines with no common ground if it weren’t for the bridge, the cool matchmaker Au Mobile. Nearly 2 and a half years together before deciding to stick together for life proves that their love has gone through a lot of hardships and challenges in real life, and both are serious about this love and not. It is a temporary emotion through the virtual world.


Showing off their admirable romantic love story, the couple made many people secretly jealous but also did not forget to send good wishes for the love of the young couple.


Love has no reason, and once love is big enough, people will easily overcome all obstacles to get together. Every love is beautiful and also worthy of respect. Let’s join Emergenceingame.Com to wish the love of young couple Quyen – Truong forever as strong and sweet as it is now!

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