Tracing the identity of Yamoshi – The first Super Saiyan in the 7 Dragon Balls

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Everyone knows the power and position of Goku how great in the world 7 Dragon Ballsespecially after Baby Monkey reaches the state of Instinct Limit in Dragon Ball Super. However before Goku was born, before Super Saiyan and superior beings became the norm in this world… there was a legend, a god who started the wheel of the race’s destiny. Saiyan.

To start the story, we need to know the origin of the Saiyan race. Since before Saiyan’s hometown was named Vegeta.. this race is a savage species that appeared on a planet called Plant. This planet was originally inhabited by the Plantians and later became the home of the Tuffles – a species possessing outstanding technology. But until the 550th year, the Saiyans suddenly landed on Plant with the purpose of seeking refuge from their homeland..


Saiyan race.

However war soon ensued when the Saiyans rebelled against the Tuffles. There each side recounts different reasons for starting the war.. With Vegeta, the Saiyan race is treated like slaves by Tuffles despite their far superior physical strength.. Meanwhile with Baby – the traitor. present in Dragon Ball GT, Tuffles are a peaceful species and it is the Saiyans who are belligerent. But in both historical versions, King Vegeta (Father of Vegeta) leads the Saiyan race against the Tuffles thanks to his overwhelming physical strength and sheer numbers.

Race Tuffles.

But with advanced technology in hand, Tuffles always kept the upper hand over Saiyans.. until the Saiyans discovered a secret deep within their bodies. There when the round white light appears every eight years, the Saiyan warriors can transform into the Giant Gorilla with boundless power. Taking advantage of this advantage, King Vegeta launched a general attack on the Tuffles, erasing this race forever and taking the planet’s name after himself.

Also from here, the Saiyan race began to show its aggressive, barbaric and extremely bloodthirsty nature .. which is proven through the countless Saiyan characters we see later. However, among such a species, there is still a human with a very kind heart named Yamoshi.. Facing the growing evil in his homeland, Yamoshi started a resistance against his own species. He, along with 5 other like-minded teammates, is the first light for the new path that Saiyans must follow.


However, with limited strength, these 6 warriors were immediately cornered. And in that critical moment, Yamoshi suddenly revealed the ultimate ability within himself and transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time in the history of universe 7 (Consistent with the theory of S-Cell when the have a kind heart will have more S-Cell). Not only that, Yamoshi also received the power from 5 teammates and became a Super Saiyan God that will remain in the legend forever. In this form, Yamoshi can directly confront Saiyan warriors who have turned into Giant Gorillas, easily defeating them with his powerful power. However, because his body could not adapt to that crazy power source, Yamoshi soon exhausted his strength and died at the hands of the enemy.


The same image of Yamoshi reappeared when Goku performed the ritual of becoming a Super Saiyan God and continuously encouraged Goku to have the energy to confront Beerus. Above all, the image of 6 Saiyan warriors with brave hearts working together in the ceremony is a re-enactment of the image of Yamoshi thousands of years ago.

Interestingly, Yamoshi never actually died.. Instead his spirit traveled across the universe to find 6 brave Saiyan warriors and perhaps Goku was Yamoshi’s choice. Fans also believe that with the new storyline in the game Dragon Ball Legendsthe image of Yamoshi can completely reappear… Let’s wait and see.


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