Unraveling the blood of Thanos – The one who shares the same homeland with humans

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Before Avengers Infinity War officially premiered this weekend, co-founder Marvel Kevin Feige has officially confirmed that the studio is aiming to make a movie about Eternals – the race that shares the same homeland as humans and the race that gave birth to the great villain Thanos. If the film goes well, the film will give viewers a glimpse into the blood of one of the most iconic villains of the Marvel world.


The Story of Eternals Begins When Celestials – the ancient entities of the universe visit the Earth. With the goal of creating diversity in life, they perform a genetic experiment to create two species.. One is Eternals with long lifespan and the other is Deviants with disgusting appearance. It was also because of this experiment that the human genome began to change, giving birth to supernatural powers forever later. Evolved in parallel with the human race, the Eternals use their power to protect humanity from the bloodthirsty of the Deviants race.

However, after a while, civil war broke out in the heart of the Eternals with one side harboring a desire to dominate while the other was determined to maintain harmony. The war ended when Kronos – leader of the peaceful Eternals faction, defeated his brother, Uranos. Defeated, Uranos and his allies were forced to leave Earth and migrate to Uranus. Throughout the time that followed, the exiled Eternals tried to return to their old home for revenge but were eventually intercepted by a Kree warship. In distress, they were forced to land on Jupiter’s moon Titan and begin to build their own colony on this planet.


Returning to Earth, Kronos in an experiment with cosmic energy accidentally erased his body but also discovered the possibility of the potential hidden inside the Eternals. There they can blend in with cosmic energy and possess near-divine powers. However, with Kronos no longer physically present and only existing in a formless form, the Eternals are forced to choose a leader. new religion.

Of Kronos’ two children, Zuras was chosen as the new leader while A’lars decided to leave his homeland to avoid another civil war. Migrating to Titan, A’lars discovers that the Eternals have been nearly wiped out by war and that only one member remains, Sui-San. Falling in love, they get married and begin rebuilding the Eternals on the distant moon. One of the children that the two gave birth to was Thanos, who had a different appearance similar to the old Deviants. As we all know, Thanos, although born a peaceful person, gradually became a great man. A villain whose crime covers the entire galaxy. Few people know that one of Thanos’ first crimes was the murder and dissection of his biological mother.


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