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For generations of 8X and early 9X gamers, the name Quake associated with them through so many memories. Emerging from a time when computer games were called by numbers and the Internet was a luxury, Quake still offers experiences that are forever unforgettable. Not only that, the game also offers an extremely high-speed gameplay, even surpassing the village bosses FPS like Battlefield nice Call of Duty The current.


Now the latest version of Quake is Quake Champions promises to recreate that when focusing entirely on the Online segment, allowing gamers to freely play with other gamers in the large game screen. However, with the release of a one-time paid game, Quake Champions has not been able to reach the entire gaming community. However, that story is different when this FPS game is officially free indefinitely and for gamers to download to PC today.


To be able to download and play Quake Champions for free, you need an account Steam on PC. If not, you can register and download this software here:​

After registering for an account and installing, you can access the following link to get started download Quake Champions:

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As mentioned, the gameplay style of Quake Champions focuses entirely on the network array, allowing gamers to drop their strength to fly and roam in the game screen. However, unlike other FPS titles of the same type, Quake Champions requires extremely high observation and reflexes skills due to the extremely complex screen structure. Not only that, each Champion selected by gamers has their own skills, thereby creating a countermeasure between the two sides and certain tactics in gameplay.

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