Top strongest 1 Gold troops for new players Dota Auto Chess

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Dota Auto Chess has done wonders when its number of players is increasing and more and more new people are joining the game. With the top 1 strongest Gold for newbies Dota Auto Chess in this article will be a document not to be missed if you want to have the strongest start in the first Rounds.

In Dota Auto Chess There are many types of troops, different races and depending on the combo that the player uses. For those who are new to Dota Auto Chess, the important thing is not what combos to do but which pieces to use for your squad at the first time is best. Of course, the guide to choosing the strongest Dota Auto Chess 1 Gold piece below does not require you to have all 5 heroes below, but depending on how you play as well as the number of heroes you can buy.

Top quan 1 gold best for people playing dota auto chess

1 Gold is the strongest Dota Auto Chess

Top 1 Gold strongest Dota Auto Chess army for newbies

1. Orge Magi – Orge / Mage

Top quan 1 gold for people playing dota auto chess 2

When it comes to the best 1 gold heroes Orge Magi He is the leading hero in Dota Auto Chess that players can easily build to level 2 or even level 3 depending on your level of accommodation. The strength of Ogre Magi is that it possesses a lot of health, high armor and high damage at the first time as well as later,

Also when in the lineup there are Ogre Magi will gain +10% HP, Orge Magi’s special ability is to possess buffs to increase Attack speed and Move Speed, one of the most powerful things at any time.

Not only that, its ability to cast is very fast, and its recovery is also fast, making Orge Magi can be cast 2, 3 times before being destroyed by the enemy.

2. Tusk – Beast / Warrior

Top Quan 1 gold for players to play dota auto chess 3

Tusk is the 2nd warrior in the top 1 Gold strongest army Dota Auto Chess that you cannot ignore. Tusk is strong in the beginning and later with Ultimate “all the people die” is still kept. The damage from this skill is extremely high. Although Tusk loses a bit in stats compared to Orge Magi, Tusk can completely take on the position of Tanker with high damage, withstand damage from the opponent, suitable for early game and mid game and if you reach level 3, also very strong in the late game.

3. Ax – Orc / Warrior

Top quan 1 gold best for people playing dota auto chess 4

Self Axe in Dota 2 is already strong and in the top of the strongest 1 Gold pieces Dota Auto Chess is even stronger, still retains all the special points of Ax and becomes one of the Top Tanker in Dota Auto Chess. Right from level 1 to level 3 Ax is always strong and suitable for all types of formations. The important thing is whether we have enough to return to Ax and upgrade it to level 3.

At the time of the match, only 2 Orcs in the formation are enough for all troops +200 HP, a big advantage at the beginning of the game.

4. Shadow Shaman – Troll/ Shaman

Top quan 1 gold best for people playing dota auto chess 5

Shadow Shaman is one of the indispensable positions in the list of the strongest 1 Gold army in Dota Auto Chess. Shadow Shaman in support position not only attacks from a distance but also has the ability completely block 1 enemy for 4 seconds. This is a very strong Disable both at first and later. If equipped with items + % mana quickly, Shadow Shaman’s power will be multiplied many times.

Not only that, Shadow Shaman belongs to the Troll race, just adding one Troll in the squad is enough All Trolls + 35 Attack Speed extremely beneficial.

5.Bounty Hunter – Goblin / Assassin

Top Quan 1 gold for players to play dota auto chess 6
Bounty Hunter in Dota Auto Chess belongs to the assassin class and always moves behind the squad. Bounty Hunter is very strong at the beginning of the game, in the middle of the game when reaching level 2 with extremely fast assassination ability with Shuriken dealing strong damage. However, there is a point that you should note that at the end of the game, the Assassin classes are not used, so be very careful when using Bounty Hunter or Assassin classes.

Above is the top 1 strongest Gold Dota Auto Chess for newbies, after reading this article you can proceed to apply it to your match right away. At the end of the game is unlikely to help you, but certainly with the strongest 1 Gold squad in Dota Auto Chess, the early game and the middle of the game are extremely strong.

For newbies, it is necessary to have a proper way to play, quick Dota Auto Chess tips to become a master soon, Dota Auto Chess tips are always updated on so don’t miss the The article is about Dota Auto Chess.
For those who already have Dota 2 but don’t know how to download and play Dota Auto Chess, why not try the following guide for details. How to play Dota Auto Chess what it’s like on the computer.

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