What is Power Supply Weapon in ROS? What stands out?

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Game Rules of Survival continues to update some new content, in this updated version on March 20, the content focuses on adding new weapons, fixing bugs and optimizing the interface, bringing give players a better experience.

This new update of Rules of Survival will update a lot of content and give gamers new weapons with higher damage. Join the update to discover those exciting things.


1. Rules Of Survival game update maintenance

Maintenance time: 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on March 20, 2019

– Maintenance intervals may take longer than expected.

2. New update in Rules Of Survival version 20/3

A) New Content

– Add new weapon: Power Bow is a weapon with high damage and when used, it can accumulate health, the longer the accumulation time, the faster the firing speed, the accuracy and damage increase at the same time up high, and in the process of building strength, the vision will be more focused, the Power Supply and Crossbow Arrow can’t use the aim assist feature when aiming.
– Updated GP arena: After the update, there will be a crossbow battle feature, a limited area in Beihang, providing many Crossbows and Crossbows, and a few Grenade and Grenade Arrows, a feature for 20 people .

B) Interface Optimization

– Optimized the shop interface: The gun interface adds the recommended gun item.
– Optimized the left pane of the lobby: The Fashion button in the lobby changed its name to “Inventory”, and updated the icon.

C) Experience Optimization

– Optimization of Cat Assistant: Cat Assistant after entering the game will default to a closed state, players can open it manually.
– Optimized the shrinking time of Superhero Chien’s board, and shrinking the early stage board.

D) Fix Error

– Fix parachute lag in some situations.
– Fix abnormality of Superpowers rankings.

Download Rules of Survival – Latest updated version on March 20, 2019

– Link to download Android version: Rules of Survival for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone

Currently, PUBG Mobile is still one of the survival games with the largest number of players participating and has updated many versions. The game has many attractive and innovative features that promise to bring a very new experience to players.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, ROS Mobile will bring gamers attractive and eye-catching gun battles. You will have to go through the same difficulties as other players, gather weapons and fight to become the only survivor on the island.

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