TOP new, most powerful Free Fire gun of 2020

Top khẩu súng Free Fire mới năm 2020

Garena has added more New Free Fire guns in 2020. Let’s take attendance top 5 new Free Fire guns, is best appreciated! This Free Fire gun rankings are sorted by rank from high to low.

Top new Free Fire guns of 2020

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TOP new, most powerful Free Fire gun of 2020

1 – Woodpecker

Release date: 10/2020, Free Fire OB24

Gun Free Fire Woodpecker

Woodpecker made in the US – It’s an upgrade to the M14 in Free Fire with the goal of increasing braking power. This is clearly shown through the stats of the weapons in the game. Woodpecker has 85 damage, a huge upgrade over the M14 (only 77).

In addition, Woodpecker also has 75 armor penetration points, the highest in the game. Its ammunition will neutralize 75% of enemy damage from helmets and armor.

Overall, the Woodpecker has become the most powerful sniper weapon in the game, kicking the M82B away from its place. Other similar weapons like SKS, M14 or SVD cannot match.

2 – M82B

Release date: 6/2020, Free Fire OB22

Gun Free Fire M82B

The M82B is based on the Barrett M82 in real life – It is one of the deadliest sniper rifles in the world. It has been used by the US military for 30 years. The most prominent part of this weapon is its powerful armor penetration ability.

The Free Fire version of this gun has a similarity. It can do anything like any other sniper rifle along with 3 great add-ons. The most special is armor penetration – M82B can remove up to 2/3 of the ability to reduce damage from enemy shirts and helmets.

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The second feature is to increase the gun’s damage when fired on glue bombs or vehicles. The third feature is to allow any bullets from this gun to penetrate the glue bomb. The enemy will not be able to hide when confronted with this powerful weapon. The weakness of the M82B is that it cannot equip additional accessories beyond the gun mouth.

3 – ParaFAL

Release date: 9/2020, Free Fire OB24

Free Fire ParaFAL gun

ParaFAL is made at the IMBEL company in Brazil. It is a light gun, revamped from an older model, with a greater focus on cost reduction. Currently, this weapon is commonly used by the Brazilian military. In fact, Garena chose the ParaFAL weapon because Brazil is the country with the second largest community of Free Fire players in the world.

While ParaFAL has the most lethal ammo of any automatic AR weapon, it has a relatively low accuracy of just 37. This would hamper ParaFAL’s performance at long range. In general, you can use this gun the same way you would with a regular AK – aiming to hit enemies in the head for critical damage. The best part about the ParaFAL gun is that it can fit all kinds of accessories in the game.

4 – AUG

Release date: 7/2020, Free Fire OB23

Guns Free Fire AUG

AUG is based on real Steyr AUG, made in Australia. This gun is famous for its soft and elegant curves – It’s quite popular in shooters like CS: GO and still customizable.

However, the AUG version in Free Fire is quite weak. Its stats were the same as any other weapon, but its accuracy was below average. As a result, it has little effect on long-range combat. In general, it is best to use this gun in mid & close combat or replace it with another weapon. The default AUG has Scope 2x and can be tweaked using the accessory included in Free Fire,

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5 – Thompson

Release date: 4/2020, Free Fire OB21

Guns Free Fire Thompson

Thompson is based on a real weapon of the same name, created 100 years ago, during World War I. It is arguably the “oldest” weapon in the Free Fire. No one uses this weapon anymore because its design is out of date.

Thompson has average stats, neither strong nor weaker than other SMG guns. However, due to being an old weapon, you cannot equip Thompson with accessories, other than the gun mouth and stock gun. This is not a good weapon choice in mid-range warfare.

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