Top new attractive games released in China week 4/5

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first. Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa


Adapted from the famous movie of the same name, surely just hearing the name you can imagine a magical wonderland, that’s right, thanks to the application of 3D graphics, the world of Tam Sinh Tam The is present. full of dreams of wonderland, about the game play system, the game still has the style of a traditional role-playing game such as the master map system, the love system. Besides, the rich fashion system with extremely beautiful outfits will be the point that attracts players to this game.

2. Sepia Go


Sepia Go is a game of the TPS genre (third-person shooter) that possesses 3D graphics with a character class built in an extremely cute chibi style. Join the game, players will be role-playing as gunmen, being free to choose weapons and enter unequal battles. Multidimensional map, diverse weapons, rich fashion system, this will be a completely new experience and is the name that stands out this week among RPGs.

3. Thai Co Than Vuong


Is a 3D game inspired by Epic, is the only original game based on the novel of the same name. Players will be transformed into God King, and enter the spiritual path, travel to the world of Gypsy containing countless secrets. The game owns 3D graphics with 4 main occupations, players can change careers 5 times, allowing to choose the most suitable career.

4. Tactical Monsters


As a card game built on 3D graphics, this continues to be a name that has been noticed in the past week in the Chinese market. The game will be confrontations between you and players from all over the world, each match will take place between 3-5 minutes but enough to make you tense. Surely this will be a night game that gives you an experience you have never had before.

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