TOP most difficult titles to conquer in PUBG Mobile Lite

Trophies in PUBG Mobile Lite is an attractive feature for gamers. They will appear every time the player completes a quest. However, not every title in PUBG is easy to win. If you want to prepare well before fighting, the list trophies in PUBG Mobile Lite The hardest to conquer below will probably help you.

TOP most difficult titles to conquer in PUBG Mobile Lite

Chicken Expert

Titles in PUBG Mobile Lite

This title is definitely hard to achieve as you must win a classic solo match when you reach Platinum level or above in PUBG Mobile Lite. Also, the opponent has to be defeated with a lot of weapons like AR, SMG, shotgun, vehicle, grenade, etc. Obviously, this process takes a lot of effort, perseverance and practice.


The most difficult title to conquer in PUBG Mobile Lite

Commando is a title used to test a player’s patience and competence by evaluating 50 unarmed victories in classic solo matches at Platinum or higher. But winning a match without using basic equipment such as helmets, vests or backpacks is almost difficult, so achieving this PUBG title is really not “easy”.


The Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile

Like the PUBG title above, the Sharpshooter also tests the player’s ability. The player can only conquer it upon reaching Platinum level or above. You must take down three enemies in a row for 50 meters with a headshot in a solo match. To be honest, this title is very difficult to conquer and it requires constant effort from the players.

Mythic Fashion

Fashion titles in PUBG Mobile Lite

This title is given to anyone who owns at least 50 Mythic costumes. Meaning, the player must spend a fortune to earn it. Currently, very few PUBG Mobile players achieve the title of Mythic Fashion.

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On A Mission

Title On a mission in PUBG Mobile

After completing all the important training milestones, players will receive the title ‘On A Mission’. To conquer title PUBG Mobile This requires a considerable investment of time and effort. Therefore, it is considered one of the difficult titles to achieve when playing PUBG Mobile Lite.

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