How to get free Giftcode Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is one of the best tactical role-playing games available on mobile today. For those who are new to Arena of Valor for the first time, they will be given a gift, called a beginner gift (beginner code or newcomer giftcode). But how to receive gifts from this newcomer code, not many people know how.

Newbie code gifts from the game for new players when the game starts to launch or even with many games, there are also gift codes on a few special occasions, helping players feel more excited and excited. Game over or take the initial steps when participating in the game is easier.

GiftCode League of Legends Mobile

How to receive GiftCode Arena of Valor

Free code when watching Livestream

When watching Livestream the Streamer in Arena of Valor in cooperation with Facebook Gaming, gamers will receive a lucky gift box, the longer the time of viewing the gift, the more valuable it is. Invite you to follow the way to receive GiftCode when watching Livestream follow the steps below:

Step 1: When watching Livestream the Streamer in the list, you will receive a Lucky Gift Box.

Watch LiveStream receive GiftCode Lien Quan Mobile
Watch LiveStream receive GiftCode Arena of Valor

Step 2: Giftcode is sent through the gamer’s Messenger, click on the link to enter the game to enter Giftcode.

Step 3: The gift will be sent to the mailbox, but make sure the mailbox is not full.

Code Tet Arena of Valor 2021

From February 11 to 15, 2021 (ie 30 to 4 of the Lunar New Year), Arena of Valor will give free Giftcode to the whole Server.

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The rules are very simple, you just need to follow the Giftcode code that is broadcast at 9:00 am every day from February 11 -> February 15, 2020 on the official information pages of Arena of Valor Moblie. Then enter the code to receive attractive gifts on the occasion of the new year! The page to receive code Arena of Valor here:

Newcomer Gift Code Arena of Valor:

  • Code term: Until 31/12/2020.
  • Code includes: 20 Ruby + 1 card x2 EXP (4 wins) + 1 card x2 Gold (4 wins).

Rewards Code VIP Arena of Valor:

  • 200 Ruby.
  • 200 Quan Huy.
  • 15,888 gold.
  • 5 cards x2 EXP 3 days won.
  • 3 random generals.

After receiving this Gift Code a lot of people do not know how to use them, invite you to refer to how to use the Gift Code in the article below:

How to use Giftcode when playing Arena of Valor

Step 1: You can launch the game on your mobile device or, if not, open it League of Legends game on the computer through the Android emulator, touch Gift icons (gift box in the list of icons at the bottom of the screen).

Main interface

Step 2: A new interface appears, select to card Game Announcements and choose next Get a Giftcode.

Game announcement

Step 3: Now you will get a code like in the picture, touch See details to come and receive gifts.


Step 4: Enter the code you just received into the box Please enter the code already Confirm Let the system send you a gift.

Verify the code

If you’ve never used this code before, you’ll get a congratulatory message like this one.

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If the code has been checked by the user or the system and found that your account has been approved for a newbie gift, you will not be able to receive it again.


Step 5: Go back to the main interface of the game, you will see the item Message (envelope icon) has a red dot, new mail is in progress. Tap on it to read and receive gifts from the game for you.


Step 6: Access to that (Letters), choose next System You will see three new items containing gifts from Arena of Valor for you.


Touch each letter to see what a gift details are, select Take to get your Bag.


Or if you don’t care much, choose Get the socks to take it all at once.

Get it all

Choose OK to accept the gift or touch Open to use the gift for your character.

Get finished

Once received, all rewards will be in your inventory (Backpack icon4th from left). Want to use it, just touch it to get it.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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