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The way to view the player ID in the PUBG Mobile game is quite simple, we need the ID to load PUBG Mobile game cards or receive gifts from friends when playing this survival shooter game. Most games that are VNG or Garena will load cards through player ID to easily identify the account and character name, so gamers need to know how to get ID to quickly purchase equipment. , favorite hero or weapon.

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Currently, the game Battle Royale is considered to be a huge “blood-sucking” game from gamers, but if you have a good strategy and participate in the series of events organized by the publisher, you will receive a lot of gifts. attractive donation. Whether we are given gifts or loaded with game cards, we still need to know our ID code when playing PUBG Mobile to quickly receive our favorite items while playing the game.

How to view PUBG Mobile game ID

Step 1:

Sign in to the PUBG Mobile game on your device and launch it to the main interface of the game.

Step 2:

At the main interface of PUBG Mobile, click to select humanoid icon (top right corner).

The main interface of the game PUBG Mobile
The main interface of the game PUBG Mobile

Step 3:

Later Personal page appears with basic information about guild groups, challenges, levels, and your ID information in PUBG Mobile.

Section ID will be your code in the PUBG Mobile game, please click on the icon with 2 overlapping pages to copy the ID number to use to top up the card or send it to your friends.

Copy ID in PUBG Mobile
Copy ID in PUBG Mobile

When the text appears on the screen Copied ie you got your ID on PUBG Mobile.

Completed copying PUBG Mobile survival shooter ID
Completed copying PUBG Mobile survival shooter ID

Video instructions to get ID in PUBG Mobile

Above we have instructed you to get ID when playing PUBG Mobile game. Hope the above guide will help new gamers in getting used to the game settings.

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