Top Most Banned Generals Arena of Valor Season 11

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Arena of Valor is a MOBA game with extremely balanced gameplay on mobile, and to be more balanced, banning the use of champions in matches is very important, along with the top banned generals of Arena of Valor season. 11 at most.

When the player reaches the rank of Diamond in Arena of Valor, which means the top 10% of the best players, the rules of each match will change and accordingly at the beginning of each match there will be 4 banned/banned generals. used in competition, each team will have the right to appoint 2 generals to ban. Arena of Valor has entered its 11th season and let’s find out which generals are the most banned generals in Season 11 of Arena of Valor.

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Top Most Banned Generals Arena of Valor Season 11

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1. Wukong

This is a name that was banned many seasons ago despite being nerfed many times, but until the 11th season, this champion still suffered the same situation as the previous seasons. With the ability to stealth and deal huge damage, a stick like the old Ton’s will can immediately send an AD or AP champion to the countdown table even if the champion buys full defense.

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2. Nakroth

In the same situation as Wukong, Nakroth is also a name that has been banned continuously from season to season despite having nefted his power many times. This is an assassin general that has been present in Arena of Valor since the first seasons and for veteran gamers of Arena of Valor, this is the most annoying assassin general because of his extremely mobile mobility and damage. Extremely large inflicted on the enemy. Nakroth can do many tasks from chasing, poking, controlling, destroying. This champion is also very effective in preserving life thanks to the ability to run away and hide, in addition, this is the champion with the fastest farming ability in Mobile Union.

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3. Dieu Boat

In the 11th season, Dieu Thuyen is not only buffed in strength, but also refreshed in appearance, making her more attractive to gamers than before. Returning to the aspect of strength, Dieu Thuyen is an AP general that has the ability to deal great damage on a large scale and is the ability to control large numbers of enemies, annoy the enemy and have a great influence on victory. of the whole team. It is understandable that Dieu Boat is often banned in high rank competition.

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4. Elsu

Elsu is a gunner general who possesses extremely large damage from normal attacks, and the skill of Long-range Strike with extremely long range but extremely accurate, causing tremendous damage that makes any enemy tremble in fear. even when standing in a safe area. Elsu’s passive gives this champion the ability to camouflage, hide extremely well in cliff terrain, help Elsu blend in with the environment, support very well in both cases of escape, help Elsu preserve his life better and hunting, when 1 point of Elsu’s physical attack is equivalent to 1.8 of the other marksman’s physical attack, allowing Elsu to be able to defeat the enemy team’s bloody champions at any time.

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5. Hayate

Dubbed the sniper of the year, Hayate possesses the ability to move flexibly on the battlefield, constantly poke to weaken the opponent with the ultimate ability to deal multi-target damage, the ability to stack damage and wipe out enemies. in just one run. Hayate is always the first choice to use to sweep, causing your team to constantly lose blood, not farm much and lose a large amount of EXP and Gold towards the end of the game. In ranked competition, this champion is always the top banned target among ADC champions.

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6. Zip

Zip is the most effective support and tanker in Arena of Valor at the moment. This champion can perform a lot of effective roles from suddenly attacking enemies, protecting teammates and performing escape missions easily because of his ability to swallow champions and monsters. Weak teammates, no need to worry because you have Zip, just get into this champion’s belly and you will be safe. Zip is also very annoyed with the threatening, tantalizing phase that causes enemies to run away or raise their hands on your team’s forest resources. With this annoyance turning to hate, Zip was frequently banned from the game.

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7. Violet

It can be affirmed that Violet is Garena’s pet champion when she not only owns the most beautiful skins but also always has the opportunity to return to the diamond arena. After a period of being out of meta, Violet was again buffed extremely strongly in season 11. Any gamer from the early days of Arena of Valor knows the power of this sniper girl, and with her return. too strong, Violet is having a very high ban rate in Mobile League season 11.

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There are also a number of other generals who have been banned many times even though they are not equal to the above generals, such as Murad, Quillen, Sephera, Anette.

The above are the top most banned generals of Arena of Valor season 11, which also means that these generals are extremely cool, so these are also the top generals chosen if not in the list of 4 generals. banned at the beginning of each match. In addition, you can refer to Top League of Legends jungle champion season 11 most effective here.
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