How to unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes for free

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You can see there are already a lot of tricks in PUBG Mobile and now it’s time to use some new tricks to unlock, get lots of free rewards. This method works 100% for PUBG Mobile Season 9, hurry and get free Emote today.

There are 3 methods and 2 of them are for free Royale Pass users, one is for paid Royale Pass users. Gamers can Free unlock Emote (icon) PUBG Mobile and to use them in the game.

how to make pubg mobile emote

Get PUBG Mobile Emotes for free

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Tips to unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes for free

Trick 1

While playing, you may have seen treasures/surprises in RP quests. This box is unlocked when you complete 10 missions. So every Monday and Friday you have a chance to unlock emojis with this magic box.

How to make emotes pubg mobile mien phi 2

Trick 1 to unlock PUBG Mobile Emote for free

At the beginning of last season, PUBG Mobile used to offer some Royale Pass points in this Box. But from PUBG Mobile Season 8, players can get some Emotes with 200 RP Points and some Skins.

Trick 2

In PUBG Mobile update 0.13.5 the items in the design shop have been changed and now there are a lot of different items, which means that players can also buy some emoticons using silver coins (silver coins). There are some Emotes that cannot be purchased by players, and others that you can use silver coins to buy.

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Dance emotes that can be purchased by players with Silver Coins

If you don’t have a lot of Silver Coins, don’t worry, go into your personal bag and sell some unnecessary items, you will get some Silver Coins after selling those items. However, you can only get PUBG Mobile Emotes for free.

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Get Free Silver

Go to SHOP (store) then go to BP Shop, you should now see a Silver icon. This means you can buy Silver (anyone can buy) in exchange for bonus points (Bonus Points – BP). If you have a lot of BP in your account, then you can exchange your BP for Silver at the rate of 200 BP = 1 Silver. This way you can exchange up to 25 silver coins per day.

Tricks 3

As we mentioned, this tip #3 is only available to users who have purchased the Royale Pass with real money. If you are not those people, then you cannot unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes for free using this third trick.

Just go to the RP in your PUBG Mobile then go to the Redeem option next to the Mission tab. There you will find a box on the bottom right with the name Ocean Treasure; Click on that box.

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Tricks 3 to get free PUBG Moblie Emotes

Now if you are Royale Pass owner then you can buy any Emote using BP points. As we said before, you can use this third trick to unlock PUBG Mobile Emote for free if you are a Royale Pass holder. There are some Emotes from Season 2 for 40k BP points and some Emotes from Season 3 also.
Above is an article that shows you how to get and unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes for free completely for free. With this method, players can get many emoticons, funny action gestures to make the game experience more interesting. Mode Infection PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 is a completely new game zombile mode, players are divided into 2 factions and fight for victory from the opponent’s hand.

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