How to get free PUBG Mobile Lover’s shirt skin

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Recently at the PUBG Mobile Taiwan server, an event has been launched aimed at ordinary players, hard-working gamers who log into the game every day will receive many rewards and especially the extreme PUBG Mobile couple. attractive period.

As always, players who want to receive many gifts from PUBG Mobile publishers around the world need to change IP, switch to regions of other countries. And specifically here, you need to convert to Taiwan to get the PUBG Mobile couple skins for free.

How to change pubg mobile phone skins for free

Instructions to receive the PUBG Mobile Lover’s shirt skin

Step 1: Gamers first need to download and install the FlyVPN converter application on their phone, if you already have it, skip Step 1 and go to Step 2. In case you don’t have it, download one of the 2 links below, choose the version suitable for your phone.

– Link to download Android version: FlyVPN for Android
– Link to download iOS version: FlyVPN for iPhone

Step 2: Conduct Sign up for a FlyVPN account is equal to Email and then select the country to roam. Here you have to choose Taiwan then you can get free PUBG Mobile Lover’s shirt skin.

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Step 3: Start PUBG Mobile and proceed to the events section Topichere you will see the appearance of the task system, click on the task That Tich – Login to receive gifts to be able to own a pair of PUBG Mobile Lovers, Silver pieces, box vouchers, BP points … and many more.

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Gamers when logging into PUBG Mobile Taiwan server will have the opportunity to receive many rewards according to each milestone. And the iconic final reward is a pair of PUBG Mobile Lovers, which players can wear and join their friends in fierce skirmishes.

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One point to remember before switching VPN to Taiwan is that you need to exit or disable PUBG Mobile (including recent apps) on your phone. It may take a little while to enter the game, but that does not affect receiving attractive rewards from the publisher in your land.

Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to get free PUBG Mobile Lover’s shirt skin, with just a few simple steps to convert VPN to Taiwan, you already own a pair of very cool teen shirts. The event period lasts from August 4 to August 13 with a 7-day login requirement.
Along with the event of receiving the PUBG Mobile lover’s shirt on the Taiwanese server, gamers also have the opportunity to own a very beautiful Summer outfit. Way get free PUBG Mobile Premium box voucher, Classic box and Summer skin are guided by us in previous articles, if you are interested you can refer to our Taimienphi website. Wish you happy gaming.

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