Everything you need to know about rank rank in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a multi-player online arena causing storm on Android and iPhone. Besides the list of generals in Mobile Legends, players also need to know the rank rank when participating in ranked matches. If new to play Mobile Legendsyou should know about them first.

7 rank ranks in Mobile Legends

Rank 1: Warrior – Gladiator

This is the lowest level and you will start at Warrior III. To rank up the next Mobile Legends, you need to complete 3 stages and earn enough stars. You will then get:

  • Fragment of special skills: 1
  • Battle points: 1000
  • M ticket: 1
Rank gladiators on Mobile Legends

Rank 2: Elite – Elite

This is the 2nd rank level in Mobile Legends. As the name suggests, this level will challenge the intellect and skills of the player. You need to complete 3rd stage and win 4 stars. Plan your battles wisely to receive the following rewards:

  • Fragment of special skills: 3
  • Battle score: 3000
  • M ticket: 2
Rank Anh on Mobile Legends

Rank 3: Master – Master

As the name suggests, this is a challenge for gamers who have played well Mobile Legends. New players have to put in a lot of effort to get past this rank. You will need 4 stars and can earn the following rewards:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle score: 400
  • M ticket: 300
Rank High Player on Mobile Legends

Rank 4: Grandmaster – Great master

By this stage, you have almost mastered all skills in Mobile Legends, but in fact, it is only half the way. You need 5 stars to rank up and luck to conquer difficult stages. If successful, you will receive:

  • Exclusive skin gift.
  • Battle point: 7000
  • M ticket: 600
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High ranking players in Mobile Legends

Rank 5: Epic – Epic

Now you will need to conquer 5 stages and win all 5 stars. Choosing the right champion to reach maximum strength is the key to conquering this rank. Remember to build the correct lineup to get:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle point: 12000
  • M ticket: 100
Epic rank in Mobile Legends

Rank 6: Legend – Legend

This is the most competitive Mobile Legends rank tier. When you reach this rank, you are almost a great player and will receive extremely valuable rewards:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle point: 20000
  • M ticket: 1500
Rank Legend in Mobile Legends

Rank 7: Mythic – Mythology

This is the highest rank of Mobile Legends, with almost only the top 50 best players in the game to reach this rank. Rewards for reaching rank 7 of Mobile Legends:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle point: 20000
  • M ticket: 1500
Rank mythology in Mobile Legends

Conquer 7 rank levels of Mobile Legends is a very interesting experience. Play Mobile Legends and feel it for yourself!

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